Why is Live Streaming Becoming More Popular?

It can seem like every brand and company is trying their hand at live streaming in some capacity nowadays. However, this is for good reason. Live streaming is one of the biggest innovations that many brands have access to, and there are lots of ways in which they can make use of it.

Who Uses Live Streaming?

Many more brands use live streaming than you might think. An online casino will use it to broadcast their live games. A retail brand might put up a stream to demonstrate their latest products. Influencers, celebrities, and other individuals with a personal brand to promote will do live streams to connect with their audience.

With brands and companies seeking to foster authentic relationships with their customers, live streaming can be a massive benefit. Even if it is a major company behind the streams, they can often employ a spokesperson to handle the majority of their lives. This means that the same person is appearing again and again on the streams, allowing an audience to build a connection directly with them. This type of connection and relationship can be incredibly powerful. Both the brands and the audience are able to leverage this power in different ways. It is very different from traditional live broadcasting, and so many brands are turning to some of the opportunities that they can pursue through it.

Easy to Set Up

One primary reason why more brands are turning to live streaming is because it is so easy to do. At its most basic, all that is needed is a smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection, and a platform that allows live streaming. This means that nearly anyone is able to stream incredibly easily.

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In contrast, a traditional broadcast requires a studio of some sort, the right camera, lighting, sound, and a lot more production. After the video has been filmed, it will also need to be edited before it can be uploaded to its relative channel.

With a live stream, you can simply upload the footage to your channel automatically once the stream is over. There is the option to edit it slightly and add a custom thumbnail, something often recommended as it makes it easier for customers to find if they missed the initial stream. Not all platforms that support live streaming will offer this function, so it is vital to find one that best suits you.

Direct Interaction

So, what is appealing about the live format? It can be very difficult for someone to manage if they are a little uncomfortable with a camera. You have to keep talking, and there is no chance for a second take if something goes wrong. However, within that, you will get a stream that is free from gloss and heavy production. It is something more effective, and this is something that an audience will always appreciate.

On top of this, many live streams also support some type of live chat function. This means that the audience will be able to ask questions directly to whoever is streaming. It is a great way to make the audience feel like they are truly part of a conversation, rather than just an impassive watcher.

Live streaming can be incredibly varied. With platforms such as Twitch exploding thanks to this format, it is clear that there is a lot of scope for brands willing to put the work in to master it. With live streaming platforms available across social media, it is clear that more brands than ever will be developing strategies for this format of content creation. It will only continue to grow in popularity in the future.

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