Highlight dangerous sports!  Chainsaws are knocking at the Rathausplatz in Vienna

Highlight dangerous sports! Chainsaws are knocking at the Rathausplatz in Vienna

From May 27-29, the elite sports loggers will meet for the first time in the heart of Vienna as part of the 2022 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Cup!

Vienna Pure business in the heart of the Danube! From May 27-29, the elite sport lumberjacks will compete against each other for the first time in front of the Vienna City Hall. The highlight of this three-day event is the World Cup on Saturday, where the top stars watched on the scene and out in competition. Entry is free on all three days.

Formula 1 in the field of sports registration, the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series, stops in Vienna for the first time! Plenty of action and exciting entertainment is guaranteed when the world’s best athletes compete for the most prestigious awards at the Rathouse Arena.

Three days full of exciting action

The summit meeting of the top stars, who will compete against each other in Saturday’s knockout duels, will be surrounded by a series of other fascinating competitions: on Friday, the international elite of juniors, under the age of 25, will compete against each other in the World Junior Championships. And on Sunday the Austrian championship will rise.

In the World Cup, participants completed four majors in a row, two with the axe and two with a chainsaw. The goal is to master the saw competitions, stealth chops, single weight, and protective pieces as fast as you can and defeat your opponent in a head-to-head duel. The Trophy is one of the most demanding formats in TIMBERSPORTS® and requires a lot of strength, precision and stamina. The red, white and red flag of the World Cup is raised by the President of Austria, Armin Kogler of Waldviertel, against the absolute global elite.

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In the Junior World Championships, the winner is determined over three rounds consisting of down strokes, saw arrows, standing block chops, single bucks, and jumps. The gold goes to the athlete who collects the most points at the end. Finally, Armin Kugler is still defending his national title in the face of domestic competition.

Contests are very popular with fans. To illustrate: Up to 11,000 fans watched the 2016 World Cup in Stuttgart live. World Cup 2019 has been reported on TV screens around the world for more than 540 hours.

Program on the Rathausplatz in Vienna

Friday 27 May 3pm: Women’s World Cup, 6pm: World Junior Championships
Saturday 28 May 3 pm: Austrian Junior Championships, 6 pm: World Cup
Sunday 29 May
3 pm: Austrian Championship

There is an accompanying program throughout all three days, including a street food area. Entry to all competition days is free.


STIHL TIMBER . SPORTS® It is an international sports logging competition series with three axe disciplines (bottom chopper, standing-block chopping, and springboard) and three saw disciplines (arrow saw, single hole and hot saw). The season begins in March with national competitions in over 15 countries and culminates in the World Championships in the fall. More than 20 countries from four continents were represented at the events.

about history

In the middle of the 19th century, woodworkers began to compete with the ax and saw in their spare time. Sports logging has its roots in Australia and New Zealand, and from there it spread to Canada, the USA, and eventually around the world. Over time, dozens of disciplines have been developed that require skill, strength, endurance, and precise technique.

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According to the Australian Axemen Society, one of the first public competitions was held in Tasmania in 1891. According to newspaper reports, after 1899, 8000 spectators were already fascinated by the sport of lumberjacks competitions.

More information as well as photos and video materials can be found at www.timbersports.at or in the media pool at media.stihl-timbersports.com.

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