Car Recycling: A New Way to Earn Fast Cash

Have you thought of recycling your old car into scraps? Just like recycling old bottles and packets, recycling your vehicle is equally beneficial for the environment. Moreover, it can help you earn a hefty amount by choosing us!

Car scraping and recycling companies ensure that all parts of your wrecked vehicle are taken apart so that its components can be recycled for a good cause. Moreover, since most offer cash for cars in Tauranga residents like you can sell your old vehicles to earn some fast money.

Recycling cars is a better choice, especially if it needs frequent repairs and part-replacement. Moreover, these cars are often not fuel-efficient or technologically advanced, which makes them a financial burden. So instead of letting these vehicles gather dust in your shed, recycle them today!

Let us learn more about car recycling below:

1. It Helps to Re-Purpose Old Car Parts

While your damaged vehicle may be fully non-operative, it has parts worth recycling. For example, even if your car is beyond repairs, it can still be salvaged for:

  • Windows
  • Cat batteries
  • Car tyres
  • Windscreens
  • The body chassis
  • Gearbox
  • Headlights
  • Wiring and more

Reusing these resources benefit the environment as it helps to reduce wastage that harms the natural habitat. Moreover, these parts help reintroduce materials that are crucial in manufacturing vehicles. 

2. You Get Paid to Save the Environment

Every day, manufacturing steel leads to greenhouse gas emissions, which is dire for the environment. It is one of the worst catalysts for air pollution. So why let this happen when you have an unused or mangled car at home?

Recycling damaged vehicles for scraps help create more steel from existing steel waste. Moreover, by recycling your wrecked car for its scraps, you are helping the world be a better place for all and also getting paid for it. 

One car has 65% steel and iron, which through recycling, can help conserve tonnes of iron ore, limestone and coal.

3. Recycling Cars Clears Up Your Premises

An old, damaged and unused vehicle draws in dust and unnecessary tears. Additionally, it costs a fortune to maintain an old car. So why let it sit and eat up garage space when you can re-purpose it for a good cause?

With one call, professional automobile handlers will reach your home to assess your vehicle’s value. You receive cash on-spot, and the car removal company tows your car away. So within 24 hours, you get to:

  • Recycle your automobile for scraps
  • Receive up to $11,000 in cash as the value of the damaged car
  • Clear out your garage for a new car or some additional space. 

4. Recycling is For All!

Junk car removal and recycling companies do not bias car scrap values depending on its brand or damage status. Here, all used, wrecked, and smashed cars are the same. The final price quote depends on scrap and shelf life assessment, as well as checking these parts’ future utility.

These professionals will remove your vehicle for scraps and accept old model salvage smashed car parts to dismantle them for recycling and re-purposing. So be your car a Volkswagon, a Toyota, or a Mitsubishi, their old and damaged parts are the priority. 

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So you can rely on car removal services to get cash for cars in Tauranga by letting them recycle your old automobiles.


All in all, it is profitable to recycle your old vehicles, especially to free up garage space and save the environment. Not to forget, you also profit from the procedure, so it is a win win. So recycle your old vehicle today to earn big!

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