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“He Uses Science” Christopher Nolan’s films are judged by scientists. The ruling is final

“He Uses Science” Christopher Nolan’s films are judged by scientists.  The ruling is final

Culture News “He Uses Science” Christopher Nolan’s films are judged by scientists. The ruling is final

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In general, Christopher Nolan films will happily rely on scientific fields to cover the main story. From the viewer’s perspective, we are often impressed by the director’s mastery, but what do scholars think? And while there is no doubt that the director’s feature films involve suspension of disbelief, there is something positive even if his work consists, above all, of using science rather than reporting it as is.

Using science to entertain, Christopher Nolan technique

A man of cinema above all, Christopher Nolan is no less curious about filmmaking. When you delve into his filmography, you quickly realize that there is often a common denominator. Although he somewhat neglected it during the production of his Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan is passionate about lore. He himself does not hide this when he explains it Knowledge appears to him as ” An inexhaustible source of great drama ». His latest masterpiece Oppenheimer This is obviously the perfect example because through his character, Nolan demonstrates the use of nuclear physics for political purposes and its tragic repercussions on many levels, especially on his main character and on humanity.

Exploiting science as a tool is not necessarily shameful. In the case of Nolan’s filmography, science is often the starting point for entertainment. souvenir, prestige, beginning, Interstellar, Tenet…Each of his feature films focuses on a specific area with the aim of arousing the curiosity of viewers. He was recently interviewed by our colleagues from TeleramaMany scholars have judged his work, praising the way he approaches entertainment science while putting the way he uses various forms of other, more advanced sciences into context. As nicely summarized by Laurent Vercoil, a neurologist at Grenoble University Hospital, in… Telerama articleWhat Nolan is looking for is “the amazing potential of science.”

Scholars pass their verdict on Nolan’s films, and they’re not sympathetic to Tenet

So, obviously, to record this marvel on the giant screens of cinemas and arouse the curiosity of viewers, Nolan doesn’t hesitate to tinker with science, especially to make it plausible if not realistic. As Roland Lahouk, an astrophysicist at the Atomic Energy Commission, points out. However, in his opinion, this phase that passes through many of the director’s films reaches a second phase, once the ” The scenario that holds up “. from his side, Etienne Kleinphysicist, philosopher of science and director of research at CEA, He reinforces this idea by declaring that “ Nolan is more interested in the scientist as a social figure than in scientific fact itself ” in Oppenheimer.

"He uses science" Christopher Nolan's films are judged by scholars.  The ruling is final

So Nolan is there not to teach, as some of the scholars interviewed might regret, but to do so Exploiting science for entertainment purposes. Moreover, at this point, Scientists who spoke Telerama Collect and revive the qualities of the director and his productions. Unless maybe Tenetdescribed as ” A set of twists and turns that violate the laws of physics For them, it will remain the director’s greatest achievement Representation of the Gargantua black hole Interstellarto rule ” absolutely stunning ” And ” Beautiful, even if inaccurate ». It must be said that the British director used the services of Kip Thorne, a specialist in general relativity and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, but he knew how to distance himself from all this common data to present something accessible to spectators. Yes, Nolan uses science but it’s often amazing!

About Christopher Nolan

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IRL: Jeremy Burson gets the 2023 Golden Boot

IRL: Jeremy Burson gets the 2023 Golden Boot

And three for Frenchman Jeremy Burson! After 2021 and 2022, the Catalan has just been included in the “shortlist” for the International Rugby League Golden Boot 2023. Created in 2019, the Golden Boot is awarded every year to the player with the best sporting performances.

It must be said that Jeremy collected the titles again this year. After becoming French champion with Handy Dragons, the Frenchman featured in the Challenge Cup against Leeds last August. Author of excellent matches with Perpignan and the French team, his regular performances open doors for this restricted list every year. Well deserved nomination!

Jeremy Burson, France Rugby XIII player : “I’m really honored to be included in this list. We work all year round to get to this level. Winning the IRL 2023 Golden Boot would be really special, and this opportunity may never happen again. The game in Leeds was really special for me, and the “In Marseille, they are more emotional and they have deceived us. The main thing now is to continue preparing for next season and prepare for the upcoming international events.”

Golden Shoe in IRL “Short Lists”


James Fisher Harris (New Zealand)
Payne Haas (Australia)
Harry Smith (England)
Joseph Tappin (New Zealand)


Georgia Hill (New Zealand)
Millie Hovanga (New Zealand)
Abi Nicholls (New Zealand)
Tamika Upton (Australia)


Jeremy Burson (France)
Louis King (England)

The 2022 IRL Golden Boot winners are New Zealanders Joey Manu and Rhysne McGregor, as well as England wheelchair star Sebastian Bchara.

HopToDesk – Free remote computer control solution

HopToDesk – Free remote computer control solution

Let me introduce you com.hopToDeska remote desktop solution that’s not only free, but also available on all your favorite platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

Have you perhaps already had to help a loved one who is a complete beginner, on the other side of France?

Or have you found yourself stuck on vacation without being able to access an important document left on your office computer?


But that was before because now you know HopToDesk.

com.hopToDesk It was designed to be Believe With full encryption of network traffic, ensuring that all data transferred between devices is protected and cannot be intercepted by curious criminals.

Edit: Korben.info reader Thibault just informed me that HopToDesk was a complete fork of RustDesk which I already talked to you about. However, the relationship between the two projects does not seem to be good since HopToDesk would have acquired the RustDesk code without usage license notices. You will find more information here And there.

It also has live chatwhich means you can chat with your colleagues or friends directly from the program, making it easier to collaborate and solve problems quickly.

Another great feature of HopToDesk is File Transfer Which allows documents to be transferred between your local computer and the device you access remotely. This way, you will no longer need to bother going through an online storage service.

To test this, simply go to The official website of HopToDesk Download the app on your preferred platform (Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS…etc).

Exiled in Japan, Sam Cane favors changing the All Blacks’ eligibility rules

Exiled in Japan, Sam Cane favors changing the All Blacks’ eligibility rules

According to Sam Keane, the New Zealand FA should consider reviewing the black jersey eligibility rules, especially for players traveling overseas. The man who has captained New Zealand for the past four years is one of the internationals to decide to play away from New Zealand after the World Cup.

Comme Ardie Savea (Kobe Steelers), he can’t get enough of his home in Japon, in the Suntory Sungoliath franchise, that doesn’t develop the post of juillet tests (the prochain rendezvous with international vice-champions) From the world).

Many South Africans have proven that playing in the Japanese Championship and returning to international level at the top are not mutually exclusive.

“Many South Africans have shown that playing in the Japanese Championship and returning to international level at the top is not something that is incompatible withsaid Sam Kane during his press conference at Suntory Sungoliath. So maybe we can bring that up. (With the Federation of New Zealand). »

The Springboks’ Malcolm Marks, Pieter-Steve du Toit, Franco Mostert, Faf de Klerk and Damian De Allende played in the Japanese Championship before winning the World Cup in France this autumn.

In order to avoid talent drain, the latter does not support relaxing its eligibility rules. When he was in charge, former coach Ian Foster spoke of the potential “disaster” For New Zealand rugby if the rules change.

Residents in New Zealand are completely alarmed by her music and are demanding that the authorities take necessary action!

Residents in New Zealand are completely alarmed by her music and are demanding that the authorities take necessary action!

In a small New Zealand town, music fans have been waging so-called siren battles for some time – and Celine Dion’s biggest hits are particularly popular.

Wellington/Porirua – Celine Dion (55) She is considered the queen of quiet poems. If you play “My Heart Will Go On” at room volume, you might find it relaxing – but in New Zealand Canadian music is seen as noise pollution!

Celine Dion’s greatest hits have been playing on the night streets of Porirua, New Zealand for some time. © Ian West/PAWire/DPA

The reason behind this is strange: in the center of the North Island town of Porirua, music fans have been having so-called “siren battles” (literally: siren battles) for some time, especially at night – the biggest battle of the singer’s hits is particularly popular.

Battle books are part of a subculture in New Zealand that traces its origins to the Pasifika ethnic group.guardian” now.

Audiophiles outfit their cars with dozens of speakers and sirens and then compete in different categories to have the loudest and clearest sound.

"Strong little man": Boy takes on 50 day challenge and makes his father proud
from all over the world
“Strong Little Man”: A boy takes on a 50-day challenge and makes his father proud

Dion’s songs are perfect for this because she hits very high notes with her vocal range and there’s hardly any bass, Paul List, who regularly participates in “battles” around Auckland, explained to the New Zealand News website.Spinoff“.

Alarmed residents are fed up: The sleep-deprivation hype has to end

In order to stop the loud noise of the sirens, residents of the New Zealand town have launched a petition, among other things.  (icon image)

In order to stop the loud noise of the sirens, residents of the New Zealand town have launched a petition, among other things. (Avatar) © Søren Staci/DPA

Alarmed Porirua residents, who are regularly deprived of their sleep, are now fed up and calling on authorities to intervene, the station reported.Radio New Zealand“.

Some citizens have launched a petition Change.org I started to put an end to the sleep deprivation hype. “I’ve had enough,” she says. “Porirua City Council must act and stop car gatherings playing loud music and sirens at all hours of the night.”

Mayor Anita Baker also said she was “absolutely sick” of the siren battles. However, she does not have the authority to solve the problem.

Louvre: Therefore, parts of the museum will remain closed until further notice
from all over the world
Louvre: Therefore, parts of the museum will remain closed until further notice

But it is working to find solutions in cooperation with the police and regional authorities. The ultimate goal is for participants to turn on their speakers where no one can hear them.

Science Made Simple: What is Cosmology?

Science Made Simple: What is Cosmology?

Cosmology, the study of the origin and structure of the universe, is divided into observational and physical branches. It evolved from the discoveries of Copernicus and Newton to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Modern cosmology explores the formation of the universe, including dark matter and dark energy, and examines phenomena such as the Big Bang and the cosmic microwave background.

What is cosmology?

Cosmology It is the study of the origin, development, structure, history and future of the entire universe.

In modern science, cosmology is divided into two branches. Observational cosmology It studies the universe using telescopes and other equipment to examine direct evidence of the evolution and structure of the universe. Physical cosmology It studies the structures and evolution of the universe and the physics that created it. It uses a combination of theory and experiments to build and research cosmological models. These models are sometimes called “cosmology.” They integrate theories and information collected by observational cosmology. Cosmology relies on advances in many scientific disciplines, including astrophysics, plasma Physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, relativity, and quantum mechanics.

The origins of current cosmology begin with Nicolaus Copernicus’ observation in the early 16th century that the Earth revolves around the Sun. The next step was Isaac Newton’s discovery in the late 17th century that objects in space behave according to the same laws of physics as objects on Earth. The door to modern physical cosmology opened at the beginning of the twentieth centuryy 20th century with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, which proposed a model of space-time.

Cosmology studies how the history of the universe led to the creation of the stars, galaxies, and other objects we can observe today. Source: ESA/Hubble and NASA

Today’s cosmologists believe that ordinary matter — the type of matter we interact with every day — is only a small part of the universe. Most scientists agree that dark energy and dark matter make up a large percentage of the universe. According to this theory, dark energy makes up more than two-thirds of the universe. This dark energy could be the force that overcomes gravity and allows the universe to expand in what is called cosmic acceleration. Another quarter of the universe is dark matter in this model. It is a hypothetical form of matter that interacts so weakly with ordinary matter and electromagnetic radiation that until now it has been impossible for scientists to detect directly.

Modern physical cosmology studies many general areas related to astrophysics, nuclear physics, particle physics, and other fields. They understand:

  • the the great explosion. It is the process by which the universe expanded from a point of infinite temperature and density to infinity to become the universe we live in today.
  • The formation and evolution of the large-scale structure of the universe. This indicates the formation of patterns of galaxies and galaxy clusters throughout the universe. The origins of galaxies and this large-scale structure date back to the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang.
  • the great explosion Nucleosynthesis. This includes the formation of nuclei heavier than hydrogen-1 in the first seconds and minutes of the universe.
  • Cosmic microwave background. This is the light, in the form of particles called photons, that remains about 380,000 years after the Big Bang. This light is the result of the conditions following the Big Bang. It reflects the density and regularity of the universe immediately after the Big Bang, giving scientists a view of the universe as it existed 380,000 years after the Big Bang.
  • Substantia nigra. This is what current theory says must exist to explain how gravity affects galaxies and galaxy clusters in the universe. Scientists don’t know what dark matter is, but it may be a type of subatomic particle that has not yet been discovered and is not part of the standard model of particle physics.
  • Gravitational waves. These ripples in spacetime are caused by massive, violent, high-energy events such as supernovas, black hole collisions, and neutron star collisions.

quick Facts

  • Scientists estimate that there are 2 trillion galaxies in the universe. This is an amazing number. But this is much less than the 37.2 trillion cells in the human body.
  • The oldest light to reach Earth is 13.77 billion years old.
  • The universe’s total energy budget consists of about 5% regular matter, 27% dark matter (which interacts with regular matter via gravity but not with light), and 68% dark energy. This is why it is so important for science to learn about dark matter and dark energy.
  • In the dark about dark matter? Watch the following video from NASA.

There is more to the universe than meets the eye. About 80% of the matter in the universe is not visible with telescopes, but the effect of its gravity is evident in the orbital velocities of stars around galaxies and in the movements of galaxy clusters. However, despite decades of efforts, no one knows what this “dark matter” actually is. Many scientists believe that the mystery is likely to be solved through the discovery of new types of subatomic particles, types that are necessarily different from those that make up the atoms of ordinary matter around us. Research is underway to detect and identify these particles in experiments around the world and beyond.

DOE Office of Science: Contributions to Cosmology Research

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science supports cosmology research primarily through its nuclear and high-energy physics programs. The High Energy Physics Program focuses on research related to its five scientific engines of particle physics

. These motivations include work on the particles that make up the universe and studies of dark matter and dark energy. These subroutines include several procedures that are closely related to cosmology. At the same time, the Nuclear Physics Program supports research on the atomic nucleus and the subatomic particles that comprise it. This work helps scientists understand the universe as a whole.

After being heavily criticized after the final, the referee made a radical decision that came as a surprise

After being heavily criticized after the final, the referee made a radical decision that came as a surprise

There was a lot of talk about refereeing during the Rugby World Cup and perhaps that is what made Wayne Barnes decide to make an unexpected decision. The final match referee has just made an announcement that has stunned the rugby world.

Aside from the intensity of some matches, the refereeing will be the focus of attention throughout the Rugby World Cup. It must be said that this sport consists of many subtleties and is above all subject to interpretation. The referee has a key role and can change any match. New Zealander Ben O’Keeffe is well placed to find out, after he was heavily criticized for his performance during the match between the French XV and England. For the final, the most important match of the competition, Wayne Barnes was chosen by the authorities.

In England for 44 years there is a reliable referral from the arbitrage in rugby, but there is no room for support from New Zealand supporters after the defense of the equipment at the final point in the face. ‘South Africa. NEW CONTROVERSY Rugby could have done well, but it is clear that for Wayne Barnes, this top flight was the right time to announce his retirement. “People often say you know when it’s the right time to leave. It’s definitely the right time to retire for me and my family.”He wrote in a message he posted on social media, today, Thursday, November 2.

Online harassment and threats have become very regular

Very surprising news considering Wayne Barnes is only 44 years old and has a lot of experience….

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“Hamas will not disappear even if its leaders are killed in Gaza.”

“Hamas will not disappear even if its leaders are killed in Gaza.”

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Rugby World Cup 2023 final: Where is New Zealand vs South Africa live on TV today? | Sports

Rugby World Cup 2023 final: Where is New Zealand vs South Africa live on TV today?  |  Sports

Can South Africa defend its World Cup title?

Tonight it will be decided who will become the World Rugby Champion! World champions South Africa will meet the All Blacks from New Zealand at the Stade de France in Paris. Starts at 9pm. Here you can find out how you can watch the match live on TV and live streaming.

Defending champion South Africa beat England 16:15 after a thrilling semi-final last Saturday. In the previous quarter-final, the Springboks won by just one point over hosts France (29:28).

Important for South Africa: Mbongeni Mbonambi will be allowed to play in the final. Accusations of racism were leveled against the national team player after the semi-final match against England. England player Tom Curry accused Mbonambi of calling him a “white bitch” during the match. World Rugby’s governing body investigated the incident but found no evidence. Mbonambi is allowed to play.

The All Blacks, on the other hand, came in more confident. In the quarterfinals there was a difficult victory (28:24) over Ireland. In the semi-finals, Argentina dominated and eliminated the South American team from the field with a score of 44:6.

Suddenly everyone hears it Bad noise makes Klopp stop

Source: AFP

New Zealand started the tournament anything but convincingly. In their first group match they had to admit defeat to hosts France. The team, led by French rugby star Antoine Dupont, defeated the All Blacks with a score of 27:13. However, they are now in the final.

Strange: The last time New Zealand and South Africa faced each other was two weeks before the start of the World Cup. There the All Blacks suffered their heaviest defeat in history, going down at 7:35. Perhaps the final match on Saturday will not be so clear.

The truth is: both countries are three-time rugby world champions. It will be decided in Paris who will become the record world champion with their fourth World Cup title.

Rugby World Cup Final: New Zealand vs South Africa live on TV and streaming

Good news for all fans: The 2023 Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand and South Africa will be broadcast live this evening on free-to-air TV on ProSieben Maxx. The broadcast begins with broadcaster Max Zielke and expert Manuel Wilhelm at 8:15 p.m. Jan Ludek will take over as commentator at kick-off at 9pm. ran.de will also be showing the game live.

The Landscape Of Paper Straws Wholesale NZ


In the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, a quiet revolution is taking place, one paper straw at a time. As the world grapples with the environmental implications of plastic pollution, Kiwis are leading the charge by embracing the concept of paper straws wholesale. This shift towards sustainability is not just a fad; it’s a conscientious choice that reflects the collective responsibility to preserve the pristine beauty of Aotearoa.

In recent years, the detrimental impact of plastic straws wholesale NZ on marine life and ecosystems has become a pressing global concern. With an estimated 8.3 billion plastic straws cluttering the world’s beaches, the call for eco-friendly alternatives has never been more urgent. New Zealand, with its rich biodiversity and commitment to environmental conservation, has turned its attention to a simple yet impactful solution: paper straws.

Paper straws have emerged as a beacon of hope in the fight against plastic pollution. Wholesale adoption of these eco-friendly alternatives is gaining momentum, not only in NZ but across the globe. The advantages of paper straws extend far beyond their biodegradability. They are manufactured from sustainable sources, making them a renewable resource that minimizes the ecological footprint associated with traditional plastic straws.

The wholesale availability of paper straws in NZ is a testament to the proactive stance of businesses and consumers alike. From cafes and restaurants to event organizers and retailers, many are making the conscious decision to invest in bulk quantities of paper straws. This not only aligns with the principles of environmental stewardship but also resonates with the growing demand for sustainable practices.

One of the primary benefits of paper straws is their minimal impact on marine life. Plastic straws, notorious for their contribution to ocean pollution, can take centuries to decompose, posing a grave threat to aquatic ecosystems. In contrast, paper straws break down naturally within weeks, eliminating the long-lasting environmental hazards associated with their plastic counterparts.

Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of paper straws contributes to their popularity. The charming retro vibe they add to beverages resonates with consumers seeking not just an eco-friendly option but also a visually pleasing one. In a country known for its stunning landscapes and commitment to preserving nature, the adoption of paper straws wholesale in NZ aligns seamlessly with the Kiwi ethos.

The cultural shift towards sustainability is not without its challenges. Critics argue that paper straws may not be as durable as plastic ones, especially in certain beverage applications. However, ongoing innovations in manufacturing processes are addressing these concerns, ensuring that paper straws can withstand the rigors of various drink types without compromising their eco-friendly attributes.

It’s essential to recognize that the transition to paper straws wholesale is not solely the responsibility of businesses. Consumers play a pivotal role in driving demand for sustainable alternatives. By choosing paper straws, individuals contribute to the broader movement towards reducing plastic waste and fostering a culture of environmental consciousness.

In conclusion, the rise of paper straws wholesale in NZ encapsulates a larger narrative unfolding worldwide—a narrative of sustainability, responsibility, and a collective commitment to safeguarding the planet. As Kiwis raise their glasses adorned with paper straws, they are not just sipping on beverages; they are sipping on change, one straw at a time.


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