ZDF announces: Park TV is expelled from the program!

ZDF announces: Park TV is expelled from the program!

Mainz – for over 36 years ZDF TV park For the millions of viewers, you should be doing this every Sunday morning from early to late summer. Since then, the format has also been a real assessment of the Mainz broadcaster. Before the TV Garden season gets underway in 2023, ZDF has made a reality announcement.

With interruptions, Andrea Kiewel (57) has been a pioneer in the ZDF TV park for 21 years. © Ralph Orlovsky / ZDF / dpa

In its announcement, the public television broadcaster announced for the first time that the ZDF TV Park will open its doors on May 5 for the first time in Lerchenberg in Mainz. Presenter Andrea “Kiwi” Kewell, 57, will lead the show on several differently themed shows through September 24.

Instead of the 21 Sundays that come to the country during this period, the ZDF TV park will flash only 19 times on German screens, the broadcaster announced.

So the show on August 6 and 20 will inevitably be cancelled. why is that? However, the second German television did not provide any information on this matter.

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Die-hard TV garden connoisseurs shouldn’t be shaken by such an announcement. Because in the last year alone, the TV park had to make room, especially for major sporting events, which also took place on Sunday afternoons.

In 2022, the European Championships are especially popular here Munich To name, which outperformed the “Kiwi”. A look at the sports calendar in the summer of 2023 could also provide an indication of a previously announced ZDF program change.

For example, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will be held from July 20 to August 20 in Australia and New Zealand, is approaching.

If you want to console yourself about “missing” two broadcast dates with a personal visit to Lerchenberg in Mainz, you should keep your eyes open from March 1st (10am). Because that’s when the advance ticket sales for the ZDF TV park start.

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