The King of Dribbling: Werder Bremen star Diego performs magic in the hall!

The King of Dribbling: Werder Bremen star Diego performs magic in the hall!

Santos – boredom does not arise. Diego Ribas da Cunha is more present on Brazil’s tumultuous soccer field than ever before – even after retiring from his career at the beginning of November, and being crowned just before that by winning the Copa Libertadores, South America’s top tier. The former SV professional Werder Bremer shines in a variety of roles. His activities focus, of course, on “what I love,” as the 37-year-old once described his goal in life, football. And now the time has come: Diego as a knowledgeable speaker, Diego as a ball magician on the floor of the hall, Diego as a competent and popular commentator.

The game maker, who worked from 2006 to 2009 for the company SV Werder Bremen He completed 84 Bundesliga matches last weekend. For the first time he participated in an event that has become a tradition in the Brazilian summer. The title of the event is a mixture of show and sports and is very popular with the crowd: “Reis e rainhas de drible” – translated: “Kings and Queens of Dribbling”. It’s kind of unusual Indoor soccer, a combination of freestyle and five-a-side football. A scene where the focus is on entertaining the masses, where extravagance and subtlety are more than effective.
“It was really fun,” he said. Diego Then his first appearance in this unfamiliar territory. It was “truly remarkable,” added the technician, who emphasized the impact of the show: “We got the job done. Dribbling can turn simple moments into something wonderful.” It’s a special art, “combining style with the unpredictability of dribbling.” He would like to put on a show on the field, and getting to the goal was more important to him: “I wanted to turn my resourcefulness and technique into goals in a profitable way.”

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Former Werder Bremen star Diego: “Dribbling can turn simple moments into something great”

The former professional played on the ground at Poliesportivo Ginasio in São Bernardo do Campo, a city in the state of São Paulo, near Santos, where his star was born. Werder Bremen Not exactly the main role in the group of experienced professionals. Others shone at the event, now in its eighth year, which was broadcast live. Moein Falcao, one of the best futsal teams in the world and among the “kings of fumbles” with his seventh victory in this competition, “Caesar”. Or a free giant like the famous Lucanetta, who mastered playing the ball on the back of the neck or on the thigh when not firing impressive leg shots or dancing his opponents with graceful touches and turns like an inspired samba dancer. “Falcao is particularly adept at this art,” praised the newcomer. Diego The old hand who was voted MVP.

From Diego’s point of view, he was unfortunately in the opposing team led by a footballer: Debinha, 129 caps Selecao, they took care of you in the entire field. In Brazil it is a number like Neymar for men. The record shooter will lead the national team at the World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand in July. Debinha’s team won with a score of 21: 5 against the team Diego, allowing special rules to be considered: three field players plus one goalkeeper on a team; Tricks have a higher value than goals; There’s one point for a hit, and three for a dribble that’s worth watching; Overhead kicks and side kicks were also scored higher. former star Werder Bremen He scored several times, and one of his goals even won him the Beauty Award for the day. “Brazilian football,” Dipenha finally cheered. The fans were happy again. Not just because the entrance fee to a first-class parade has traditionally been very cheap. Anyone who donates 1 kilo worth of groceries to the local supermarket can pre-purchase the ticket.

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Former Werder Bremen star Diego on TV show appearance: ‘I tried to enjoy it’

With “real football”. Diego However, he made a better impression beforehand. As co-commentator for TV giant Globo, he gave the former midfield star Werder Bremen Great start to the World Cup in Qatar. The Internet portal UOL deemed it “one of the most pleasant surprises of the World Cup”. Diego shone in front of the camera and microphone. Already during the sensational victory of Saudi Arabia over the future world champion Argentina, he excelled with his knowledge and ability to convey expert content in an understandable format to the television audience.

“I tried to enjoy it,” he said after appearing on TV. “It was a huge challenge for me.” The career changer was not given much time to prepare intensively for the new job. Only in September, when Diego was still playing for Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, did he receive the order from the TV station. After a short period of consideration, he said yes. Globo hired him and gave him a short-term contract. Diego They passed the agreed-upon probationary period with flying colors and cut an impressive figure. As an expert, he was able to impart basic knowledge. He shared his personal story with Belgian superstar Kevin De Bruyne during the match between Canada and Belgium. Two former professionals Werder Bremen I once played all together for VfL Wolfsburg.

Former Werder Bremen professional Diego is not only in demand as a footballer, but also as a guest speaker.

TV producers were excited, as were the football fans in front of the screen. Globo heads revealed: Diego may come back. Another career is on the horizon, as the former Bremer is also popular as a guest speaker and appears at various events. Almost as an incentive. He also likes to read from his “Wendepunkte” guide to life. He lets the whole world share via Instagram – including his family life. Boredom does not arise there either. (HGC)

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