“In Action for the Dead Sea” in Arte…tation

“In Action for the Dead Sea” in Arte…tation

Today, January 11, 2023, the documentary “In Action for the Dead Sea” can be seen on TV. You can read all information about today’s broadcast, live broadcast, and repeat “Documentation” here. Moreover, the upcoming TV dates of “In Action for the Dead Sea” are in public viewing.
Today, January 11, 2023, the movie “In Action for the Dead Sea” is shown on TV.
If you do not want to miss “In Action for the Dead Sea” under any circumstances, you should go to 16:55 hour Listen to Arte, because that’s where the show is. For those who prefer to watch TV on the Internet: Arte also offers live online broadcasts.

“At Work for the Dead Sea” today in live broadcast and TV: that’s what the show is all about

The Dead Sea is known for its exceptional geographical location, unique ecosystem and special history. However, things are looking bleak for the saltwater lake: due to excessive water consumption and poor water management, the water level has dropped dramatically in recent decades. The gradual drying up of the water body causes severe damage. Where there used to be beaches for tourists, there is now a desert landscape. Decision makers have a variety of possible solutions, but given the political realities in the region, it seems impossible to unite efforts to confront the devastation. So, Israeli activist and open water swimmer Oded Rahav, Jordanian environmentalist Munqith Mahyar, and Palestinian ranger Youssef Matari have made it their mission to warn residents of the natural disaster. They stage a sporting event that hasn’t existed before: a group of international swimmers cross the Dead Sea together – from Jordan to Israel. However, the high salt content of the water presents a great challenge for athletes: it makes swimming difficult and, in the worst case, can be fatal. The film accompanies the three organizers from the idea to organizing the event.

“In Action for the Dead Sea” January 11, 2023: Replay online at the Arte Media Library and on TV

You won’t be able to see “In Action for the Dead Sea” at 4:55pm today? This is where the Arte media library can come in handy. This presents many online TV contributions as video on demand for broadcasting – also and above all after the respective broadcast on TV. Arte on TV will not be repeated for the time being. As a general rule, you will find the program online in your media library after it has aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

All information about the program “In Action for the Dead Sea” on TV

Date: 01/11/2023 (first broadcast)

in: arte

Trait: “Tawtheeq”

production year: 2021

height: 55 minutes (from 4:55 pm to 5:50 pm)

HD: yes

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