World Cup 2023: Cristiano Ronaldo’s tattoo causes problems in Argentina

World Cup 2023: Cristiano Ronaldo’s tattoo causes problems in Argentina

The eternal duel between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo does not stop at the Women’s World Cup.

What happened? Argentine international Yamila Rodriguez is currently causing problems at the 2023 World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand. The reason is strange.

What is the background? The 25-year-old, who usually plays for Brazilian club Palmeiras, is adorned with numerous tattoos. Two of them also have a direct connection to football.

While the face of Argentine legend Diego Maradona can be seen on her left thigh, there is a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo slightly lower down her leg. No going to home fans.

After all, Ronaldo has a long-standing rivalry with the greatest Argentine hero of the modern era: Lionel Messi. When Cristiano Ronaldo’s tattoo was spotted during the match against Italy, it sparked a storm of nonsense on social media.

What was said? “Ronaldo is undoubtedly the best player in the world. I saw him play and thought: How could he be so perfect? He surprises me with everything he does. Rodriguez said afterwards: “He is my role model, not Messi.”With this tattoo, Cristiano is with me forever.

Because of the hostility, Rodriguez once again commented on the criticism directed at her. “I don’t hate Messi,” she wrote on social media. “Please, enough, I’m not feeling well. At what point did you say I was against Messi?” “Messi is our captain in the national team, but the fact that I say that my inspiration and role model is CR7 does not mean that I hate Messi,” Rodriguez wrote.

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