Netflix just sent out the latest DVD

Netflix just sent out the latest DVD

Since 1998, founders Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph have been implementing their idea of ​​renting DVDs by mail. By 2023, Netflix will have delivered around five billion DVDs.

Of course, the company’s core business has long been live streaming. So the group has now continuously suspended rentals.

Last shipment of DVDs from Netflix today

It’s the official end of Netflix’s DVD era: the company sent out the last of its red envelopes on Friday, September 29. The special thing: As a parting gift to its loyal members, they were allowed to keep all the discs they still had on loan.

“You will not be charged for unreturned DVDs – please enjoy them for as long as you like!” the company wrote in a short FAQ. This was confirmed by the company’s official account

Netflix customers can keep multiple copies

Additionally, Netflix is ​​increasing some deliveries to save on disposal costs and do something good for movie fans. Anyone who has previously selected the “Surprise at the End” option can look forward to up to ten additional DVDs, which are randomly selected from a personal Netflix list and sent to the customer.

When Netflix last announced official numbers for usage of its DVD rental business in 2019, there were still 2.15 million active users. For 2022 there is a profit of 145.7 million US dollars For reservations.

Rival Disney also recently confirmed that it wants to stop selling physical data carriers – but initially only in Australia and New Zealand.

What was in the latest Netflix show?

By the way, the first DVD sent by Netflix was in 1998 Beetlejuice. But at that time, shipping envelopes were not red, but white. The white color became yellow only in 2000, and in 2001 came the famous red color, which remains to this day.

Netflix has always sent its DVDs in the famous red envelopes. (Photo: Yuriit/Shutterstock)

What was in the last envelope? As Netflix announced, the last disc sent in the mail was a Coen Brothers movie True grit With Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.

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