Tiny House: New Zealand's Wai House has the perfect floor plan

Tiny House: New Zealand’s Wai House has the perfect floor plan


Do you want to change? Moving into a small home can benefit you and the environment. A particularly successful and spacious little house is the Wai House in New Zealand.

Wai House in New Zealand relies on rainwater treatment – among other things. (Source: Yanko Design)

  • This tiny home is all about sustainability. However, it is very wide.
  • The walls are made of a mixture of concrete and plastic. Sand was not used.
  • Water is effectively treated and used in several ways.

When you think of a tiny home, do you think of a better trailer? With a lot of wood? Or an inexpensive solution as possible? None of this applies to Way House.

Way House – Virtual Tour

Whoever sees the interior photos will not be able to believe that it is a small house. The two-story design is still in the concept stage and the tiny house will be built in New Zealand at a later date. But you can already see from the plans and photos how well the materials and floor plan work.

At the planning stage, engineers attach great importance to sustainable building materials. Concrete walls no longer contain the plastics required in place of the normally used sand. Rainwater is collected on the roof, treated and made available in the kitchen, bathroom and garden.

From Marbella Academy of Design The two-story Wai House was designed and built and honored with the 2021 Green Product Award. When to build is still open. We present several small houses that are worth seeing in the article: The Most Beautiful Houses of the Year.

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