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Live like Robinson Crusoe on a secluded island – surrounded by water and no neighbor in sight. It’s not just a romantic idea, the private islands actually exist. The “ZDF Report: No Neighbor In Sight” displays them and their residents on Sunday, January 2, 2022, at 6:00 PM. Ines Rüchel-Hohhage and Anni Brück will be available from Friday, December 31, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. at ZDFmediathek.

Not only should your own island remain a dream in the southern seas, there are also private islands in Germany. Life on a private island seems idyllic, but it can also be boring and lonely. Everything must be transported to the island by boat, whatever the weather. But Jürgen Grosser did not sell his island for any money in the world. He was already offered 15 million euros. He lives on Ziegelwerder, a private island in Lake Schwerin. At the age of seventy-three, he still runs his farm himself.

Öhe Island is located between Hiddensee and Rügen. The island has been family owned for 700 years. Matthias and Nicole Schilling live here with their two daughters and realize their dream of raising organic livestock.

Tobias Schlenker, his partner, and his dog Josias are the only residents of Rose Island. The only island in Lake Starnberg is very popular in summer. Only after the end of the season will they have their exclusive home to themselves again.

From Canada to Seychelles and New Zealand: Farhad Vladi has been trading private islands for 50 years. He’s sold about 3000 people so far and seen thousands with his own eyes, and now a gem on the Rhine is about to be moved. ZDF.reportage: No Neighbor in Sight takes a look at life on the islands.

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