Today a new episode in addition to the special anniversary

Today a new episode in addition to the special anniversary

Photo: ZDF and Dirk Bartling

The ship of dreams has been sailing the world’s oceans for 40 years. Today’s “Ship of Dreams” voyage takes the crew around Captain Silbereisen to Sweden.

Led by Captain Barger, a “dream ship” sets its course for Stockholm. Guests on board are about to embark on a special journey that will take them across the archipelago.

When they boarded the ship, Andrea and Oliver Schmid vowed to each other: during the first voyage on the ship without his two daughters, he would not look at his work cell phone, and Andrea the lion’s mother did not call the children.

40 years of a special dream ship later in the evening

However, the most notable event of the evening follows only after the Tuscany episode with “Traumschiff-Special for the 40th Anniversary. This movie takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the history of the legendary TV series from 11.10pm.

Actors and producers have reported on their bizarre experiences on board and ashore. The result was about 45 minutes with fun, thoughtful, and unique insights.

The film “The Dream Ship Special” has also become a tradition – and a very unusual one at that: only the team of this documentary is allowed to take part in filming on land and on the high seas. What is captured is what you can’t see in a feature film. Florian Silbereisen, for example, is faced with something completely unexpected. In one scene, students sing one of the traditional songs of the Khoisan, the indigenous people of South Africa. As a musician, Florian Silberezen was so excited that catchy melody automatically inspired him to create a new song.

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Colin Ulman Fernandez plays a ship doctor

Photographer Ralph Zeilinger’s careful notes capture many of the moments that show the challenges the cast and crew face at each new location and how the actors prepare for their roles. Colin Ulmen Fernandez as a ship doctor wants to learn how to apply a syringe professionally – with a real test person and a real doctor assistant.

But this edition of “Das Traumschiff-Spezial” will not only deal with current photography. The 40th anniversary of the TV series is an occasion to look back: to Wolfgang Rademann, for example, the legendary founder of the Ship of Dreams, or to actress Heide Keller, the longtime chief flight attendant on the ship. Both died, but contemporary witnesses, actors, and members of the film’s cast remember their experiences with them. They are also the ones who can tell stories. Like Barbara Wussow, for example, who reports that she was lowered to the wrong island when she reached Cape Verde and that it was difficult to board the Dream Ship.

Even Harald Schmidt at one point allowed himself to tone it down

Of course, cruise director Oscar Schefferle, like Harald Schmidt, can’t help but make a few scathing comments. The fact that he only participates because he likes to wear a uniform, he says in the interview, is definitely more than a sailor’s thread. Seriously sums up the series’ success: “Traumschiff is truly an escape from reality!”.

And while media scholars ponder the studies about why the series has continued to succeed after such a long period, Wolfgang Rademann’s analysis of the idealistic “dream ship” universe was very practical. In an interview with Marcus Lanz in November 2014, he said, “You should all talk, you should have fun for 90 minutes, and then the rain clouds will come anyway.

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Radmann, the creator of the Dream Ship, died in Berlin in 2016.

The Dream Ship first set sail on November 22, 1981 and headed for the Bahamas. Since then, 93 episodes have been filmed, set in more than 70 different countries:

Egypt, Amazon, Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Barbados, Bermuda, Bora Bora, Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Cook Islands, Dubai, Florida, Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, India, Jamaica, Japan , Cambodia, Canada, Cape Town, Caribbean, Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Colombia, Cuba, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Marrakesh, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Miami, Myanmar, Namibia, New Zealand, New Orleans, New Orleans York, Norway, Oman, Easter Island, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Perth, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro, Zambia, Samoa, San Francisco, Sweden, Seychelles, Shanghai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Saint Lucia, South Africa, South Pacific, Sydney, Tahiti, Tanzania, Tasmania, Thailand, Uruguay, Vancouver, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.

Source: ZDF

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  • Dream ship: Photo: ZDF and Dirk Bartling

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