“The Hobbit” Filming Locations: The magical filming locations of the film trilogy

The Hobbit film trilogy, based on the famous novel by J. R. R. Tolkien, took viewers into a breathtaking fantasy world. The magical locations brought the story to life.

Filming locations for The Hobbit in New Zealand

Most of The Hobbit's stunning scenes were filmed in New Zealand. New Zealand's landscape, with its variety of stunning locations, provides the perfect backdrop for a visit Middle Earth. Here are some of the most impressive filming locations:

  • Hobbiton, home of the hobbits, was founded in They died, they died, a small town on the North Island of New Zealand. The Hobbiton movie set is a must-see for fans. You can wander the charming hobbit alleys and visit the Green Dragon Inn to enjoy beer that tastes just like it does in the movies.
  • Beautiful landscapes in South Island in New Zealand It served as the backdrop for many scenes in The Hobbit. The Southern Alps, Fiordland and the Canterbury region are particularly impressive. These sites offer hiking trails and tours that allow you to experience the film locations up close.
  • Many scenes of the Anduin Grasslands and Mirkwood were filmed in the South Island. the Waikato River And the Belorus River You see it over and over again in movies.
  • In the area on The northern tip of the South Island The scenes were filmed in Chetwald and Schattenbachtal.
  • the Tongariro National Park Its three volcanoes served as a backdrop to the dangerous road to Erebor. The garden actually served as the backdrop for Sauron's shadow world in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The scenes were filmed in the lakeside town of Esgaroth Lake Pukaki It is famous for its intense blue color and attracts many tourists.
  • Many scenes were also filmed at the studios: V.I Stone Street Studios In Wellington and Pinewood Studios in England.
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Travel to the world of Middle-earth

When you travel to New Zealand, it is a good idea to visit the enchanting photography locations in different parts of the country. However, you should keep some things in mind.

  • Before you start your trip, you should do thorough research on the photography locations you want to visit. Make sure to reserve the necessary passes and tickets in advance, especially for popular locations like Hobbiton.
  • A number of tour operators offer guided tours of 'The Hobbit' filming locations. These tours are a great way to see the best locations and hear interesting stories about film production.
  • When visiting filming locations, it is important to respect the environment and leave nature untouched. Follow the instructions of local authorities and tour operators to protect sensitive ecosystems.

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