Vacation to the filming locations of “The Hobbit” – Middle-earth without dwarves – travel

Vacation to the filming locations of “The Hobbit” – Middle-earth without dwarves – travel

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Bilbo Baggins searches for the treasure hidden by the dragon Smaug in the “lonely mountain” Erebor. In the movie The mountain looks dark and mysterious. In real life …

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…serves Tongariro National Park On the North Island of New Zealand as a backdrop to the Dark Empire. In the park, which includes three volcanic mountains, visitors can go hiking or skiing. One of the most popular tours is called the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, and the route is 19.4 kilometers long. The national park is the oldest in New Zealand and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find more information about Tongariro National Park here

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What would hobbits be without their Shire, where they live in small houses and caves – nice dwellings come in both Lord of the rings And also in The hobbit before. True fans can't avoid the mini Shire.

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Hobbiton It is located on the site of a former sheep farm near the town of Matamata, south of Auckland. On some days the film settlement attracts up to 2,000 tourists (The two-hour tour costs about 45 euros). After shooting Lord of the rings The buildings must be demolished. But weeks of rain prevented this and the huts remained in their original condition. Lucky for movie tourists: You can even stop by the “Green Dragon Inn” hobbit tavern.

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Even if the huge eagle was at an airport Wellington It looks a little scary: New Zealand's capital is looking forward to its visitors, once again drawn to Peter Jackson's films based on Tolkien's epic. But if you want to avoid movie tours and site visits, you will find enough distraction in the city at the southern tip of New Zealand's North Island, such as mountain biking or sailing. You can find more information about Wellington here

In Wellington Weta Cave Museum Tolkien fans can take vacation photos with the strange creature Gollum. Movie props such as hobbit feet and monstrous Uruk-Hais are also on display here. Submission is free. You can find more information about Weta Cave Museum here

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Dwarf paddling: in The hobbit-Film adaptation: Hobbits and dwarves float across a river in barrels. On the Belorus River Filming near Nelson was the highlight of the shoot for Stephen Hunter, who plays the dwarf Bombur: “Driving down the Pelorus River with barrels was definitely the best day on set. That was really cool!”

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In real life, hikers can follow the river for days on the Pelorus River Trail or kayak. Nelsonformerly a town for dropouts, offers the highest number of hours of sunshine during the year and is the starting point for hiking for many. Abel Tasman National Park. The area can also be explored on horseback with views of Golden Bay. Pictured: A view from Hooker Valley to Lake Pukaki on New Zealand's South Island

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Things get uncomfortable for Bilbo Baggins when he is forced to spend a night with three large, disgusting trolls. In fact, residents Te Kuwaiti In the Waikato District in the country's northwest, they are cuddly and gentle – at least to the animal inhabitants. The city promotes itself as the world capital of sheep shearing, and a meter-high statue of a sheep shearer welcomes visitors. But Te Kuiti is not only famous for its sheep; Waitomo Cavesunderground caves filled with glow worms.

Shines turquoise blue Lake Pukaki In front of New Zealand's highest mountain, Mount Cook on the South Island. Alpine climbers and mountain athletes from all over the world are drawn here. in The hobbit Here is the Seestadt, one of the film's largest outdoor locations, at the foot of the Southern Alps. The landscape is especially picturesque from the air: Some pilot for tourist flights Even landing on nearby glaciers.

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The scenes in the South Island were also filmed in the South Island and not far from Lake Pukaki Bjorn's mysterious house He plays. The real place is called Arcadia station Close to Almas Lake. It took six weeks to build the film in Björn's home, and filming was completed four days later. On horseback Visitors also come to the site from the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings saga, where Boromir meets his end at Amon Hen.

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Mecca Adventure is also located nearby, which was also interesting for the film crew Queenstown. The range of adrenaline-pumping activities ranges from bungee jumping to rafting, mountain biking to skiing. And the surrounding area is impressive: Queenstown is located on Lake Wakatipu and at the foot of the Remarkables Mountain Range. Information about touring the original filming locations The hobbitTrilogy you will find here.

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