A true story from New Zealand

A true story from New Zealand

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Updated June 16, 2016 at 12:15 p.m

The film “The Talent of Genesis Bottini” is inspired by the true story of Genesis Bottini. The manic-depressive New Zealander, nicknamed the Dark Horse, was a chess genius who found his calling working for underprivileged children.

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After a stay in a psychiatric hospital, Bottini (Cliff Curtis, “Whale Rider,” “Die Hard 4.0”) lives with his brother Ariki, who belongs to a criminal biker gang. Bottini wants to prevent his shy nephew Manna from joining a biker gang. Bottini uses his passion to play chess. He and a friend decided to coach kids from the local area and bring them to the finals of the Junior Championships in Auckland.

Director James Napier Robertson's sensitive drama about an unlikely genius was named Best New Zealand Film of 2014 and was a hit at several international festivals.

Genesis Bottini Talent, New Zealand 2014, 124 minutes, age 12+, James Napier Robertson, with Cliff Curtis, Wayne Habby, James Rolleston

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