Tasdorfer Championship days start with over 300 active people

Tasdorfer Championship days start with over 300 active people

RuFV Husberg expects more than 300 participants at the Tasdorf Stud for three days of sport and quality entertainment. Starting Friday at 11 a.m., and final testing for the Anniversary Championship begins on Sunday, May 22, at 3:30 p.m., the eG Intersea VR Bank Grand Prix — plus the Style Award at Memoriam Hans — Helmut Sivers.

A championship for everyone, including kids, youth and amateurs – Tasdorf Championship days shouldn’t be anything else. This is why a variety of programs actually range from a driving class to an advanced level jump. The very young riders are just as there are those with a certain degree of fame. Inga Chualina of Fehmarn, one of Germany’s top Amazons, competed in Tasdorf, as did Laura Jane Hackbarth (Brickeln), former national champion, as well as Olympic participant and national champion from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, Tom Tarver Pribe (New Zealand), who has already pitched his tents in Tassdorf for some time.

The series begins in Tasdorf

The start of the Reitsport Sievers Cup is eagerly awaited. The Class A team style jump series begins on Tasdorf Championship days and then continues at Schwentinental, at the Fehmarn Horse Festival, at Looper Holz and Süderbrarup. The final will take place in Emkendorf. The focus is on team spirit, good riding and solidarity. This really unleashed creativity, because the competing teams of Tasdorf gave themselves their own names and compete with the team’s music, that is, with their signature tone, so to speak.

The location of the three-day tournament is the Christian and Sophie Fogg horse farm in Tasdorf on Busdorfer Weg. Lots of space, good grounds and a very passionate team from RuFV Husberg are the ingredients that should make something special from the Anniversary Championship. This also includes a well-established sponsors evening on Tasdorf Championship days and a riders party with DJ NiTo on Saturdays from 8pm, which is open to all visitors.

Diverse and fun

Friday starts with showjumping competitions for very young horses and two classic show jumping competitions. The Reitsport Sievers Team Trophy celebrates its premiere on Saturday, and there’s also a dressage rider audition in the Tasdorf farm hall, because dressage is also indispensable for showjumping at Schleswig-Holstein. A stylistically good ride is also the focus of many tests. On Sunday, the course at Tasdorf will be higher, farther and wider and the highlight next will be the S* jump with a jump in the VR Bank Intersea Prize.

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