‘Avatar 2’ first trailer: James Cameron offers a glimpse into culture

In the 2009 movie Avatar, James Cameron told an epic story of colonization on an alien planet and set new standards for 3D cinema. Now he’s showing the first animation from Part 2.

The world of Na’vi on the planet Pandora appears as a radiant poet in the first trailer for James Cameron’s fantasy and sci-fi movie scene “Avatar – The Way of Water”: Aboriginal people ride flying animals and swim through exotic plants and animals. But of course this poetess is still threatened by greedy humans and corrupt Navi who live in an industrial city.

The family plays a central role

“This family is our stronghold,” says Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who in the first installment of the human moved to Na’vi and now with the daughter of Chief Neteri (Zoe Saldana) , Guardians of the Galaxy) Married. Amazing first action snippets can also be seen: Sully emerges from the water standing on a dinosaur-like flying animal.

Giovanni Ribisi (“Saving Private Ryan”) will reprise his role as president of RDA Mining, which mines raw materials in Pandora. Sigourney Weaver (“Alien”) plays the scientist who stands alongside Na’vi in ​​the first film. In “Avatar 2” she should appear again, but apparently in a different role. The cast also includes martial arts queen Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek: Discovery).

Kate Winslet set a record

Many actors had to learn liberation in order to film. Kate Winslet, who plays an Aboriginal woman, has broken an underwater scene record by holding her breath in a water tank for more than seven minutes. She dethroned Tom Cruise, who held the record since Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015).

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Can ‘Avatar 2’ revive 3D cinema?

Avatar is considered one of the greatest 3D digital movies. At the time, Hollywood director James Cameron was shooting with his newly developed 3D fusion camera system and used holography not only decoratively, but also dramatically: in intimate scenes, rooms appear narrower, in long, infinitely wide shots.

Filming was very expensive because the two-lens camera had to be set up again for each scene. This is why no films have been produced since with a similar effort and in some blockbuster films only the second image has been created on the computer, which does not have the same effect. As a result, 3D cinema has lost much of its relevance. Also in this regard, there are some predictions associated with “Avatar 2”.

Cameron (“Terminator”, “Titanic”) filmed the second and third parts of the 2017 film series in New Zealand. The release of the movie “Avatar – The Way of Water” has been delayed several times. Now the movie is slated to hit theaters on December 14, 2022.

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