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Neuseen Classics: Once ‘It’s All About Lignite’

May 22 – Leipzig – 300, 100, 60 km – The starting places are still!

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05/19/2022 | (rsn) – once “about lignite” – that’s the catchphrase of everyone’s “Höffner Neuseen Classics” race. First held as an amateur race in the 1950s, the traditional tour has grown steadily since the new version in 2004. Since then, about 2,000 participants have pedaled on three tracks at the end of May – but not in the past two years, when they had to From canceling the lakes race in a short time. standing this year Neosin Classics But nothing is in the way – next Sunday it starts in Leipzig.

Who wants to be there in no time
(Perfect race weekend weather: 21°C, no rain): According to the head of the organization, Ronnie Winkler, there are still starting places on the three routes – 300km, 100km, 60km (registration online until 22, under the link below ); About 1,600 of the 2,000 places are set aside to start.

The NS300 Marathon, a bike race of over 300 kilometres, is participating for the fourth time. The road connects the cities of Leipzig and Halle in central Germany, with plenty of culture, industrial culture, business and nature. It runs along numerous rivers and lakes, over the Elster-Saale and Saale bike path, around Lake Geiseltal and through the Freyburg and Naumburg wine regions.

In Saxony, the road passes through
Former lignite mining areas, the wonderful scenic “Neusenland”: Zwenkauer See, Kahnsdorfer See, Heiner See and Sturmtaler See are partly bypassed along the banks. From “Pearl of the Muldental” Grimma, you can follow the Muldental Bike Trail to Trebsen Castle. The height of the track is about 1540 meters.

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The 100km loop leads across New Zealand in Leipzig, with scenes across mountainous terrain with fast sections. It goes from Leipzig after the monument to the Battle of the Nations with the destination of Störmthaler and Markkleeberger See, then to the former lignite area around Espenhain, with a view of Vineta Church Island.

At the southern end of the lake we continue
Across many small towns. From the 70 kilometer, the skyline of Leipzig can be seen from afar. Through Güldengossa and through the historical districts of the Battle of the Nations in 1813, the road leads to the Trade Fair City, the last 1.5 km of which was a slight incline in the direction of the destination.

In 2022, the Neuesen Classics will once again be part of the German Cycling Cup. For the youngsters, there is a “Bambini Race” (up to five years old) and two “Fette-Tire-Race” (6-10, 11-14 years) in the programme, all on the scene of the event at the old trade fair in Leipzig. The supporting program will take place there as well, with an exhibition, art tastings, and entertainment.

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