Avatar 2 Disney Plus

Release Date, Story, Cast & Trailer

With a project of this scale, it’s no surprise that some newcomers are joining the cast. The whole story that James Cameron wants to tell is meant to span multiple generations, so this sequel brings in a lineup of up-and-coming actors. Jake Sully and Neteri’s three children, Netim, Luak and Toktiri, play the roles of up-and-coming actors Jimmy Flatters, Britannia Dalton and Trinity Bliss. Jack Champion portrays a human teenager born in Pandora named Javier “Spider” Socorro.

Part of the cast is Kate Winslet, who has already very successfully worked with Cameron on the “Titanic”. She embodies an aquatic creature named Ronal. Cliff Curtis (Fear of the Walking Dead) portrays a character named Tonwari, the leader of the aquatic creatures, while the three young actors Billy Bass, Philip Gilgo, and Duane Evans Jr. portray three children of this tribe named Tsiria, Onung, and Rotxo.

Nurse Jackie and soprano actress Eddie Falco portray military commander General Ardmore, who works for the Resource Development Administration (or RDA). Brendan Coyle plays Mick Scorsby, a Pandora fisherman who works in the private sector.

Michelle Yeoh (“Star Trek: Discovery,” “Everything Everywhere at Once”) and Jermaine Clement (“5 Zimmer Küche Sarg,” “Legion”) introduce the two worlds Dr. Karina Mogg and Dr. Ian Garvin. It has also been confirmed that Una Chaplin (Taboo, Game of Thrones), Vin Diesel (The Fast & Furious saga) and CJ Jones will also be part of the Avatar franchise. However, little is known about their roles.

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