Should Mercedes focus on 2023, Lewis?

Should Mercedes focus on 2023, Lewis?

1:36 pm

Perez: “If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be here”

Sergio Perez is based on the statements of the Red Bull Board of Directors. At least that is how his words can be interpreted when he says:[Die Situation] very clear. The team didn’t have to say it, it was obvious. It is clear to me in the penalty area and in the team. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. So it is clear.”

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Perez agreed to extend his contract by two years with Red Bull until the end of 2024.

1:25 pm

Red Bull confirms: Equal opportunities in the World Cup!

Can Sergio Perez really drive himself and become Red Bull World Champion as Max Verstappen’s teammate, should the opportunity arise?

Team boss Christian Horner agrees: “We don’t care who becomes the world champion. Whether it’s Max or Chico. Both are Red Bull drivers and have the same chance.”

However, it’s still too early in the year to predict the outcome of the 2022 season, says Horner. “But it’s good to have both drivers up front. And Checo leads in his life form. That’s excellent.”

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The Queen visits McLaren

You may have already heard about the throne jubilee of the Queen of England. One of today’s topics. McLaren searched their internal archive and shared this recording here on social networks.

The photo was taken in 2004 when the McLaren Technology Center opened in Woking, which was the newest Formula 1 plant at the time.

Hard to believe: this inauguration is now almost 20 years old. 2004 – Michael Schumacher wins his seventh Formula 1 world title and everyone thought that record held forever…

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Speaking of Monaco…

If you haven’t been there for the weekend but still want to get a feel of how Bernd Ehrlhoff and his fellow photographers experienced the Monaco Grand Prix, I highly recommend taking a look at the Monaco Photo Gallery with lots of great shots of the legendary street race.

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022

12:50 pm

Monaco up close

You may have read Alexander Trenetz’s guest article a few weeks ago, how he described the everyday life of a motorsport photographer at the Miami Grand Prix. We have now put another text of this kind online by Bernd Erlhoff, about his experiences in Monaco. Please take a look!

10:55 am

The last 20 winners of Formula 1

Sergio Perez won in Monaco, and Max Verstappen won before that in Barcelona. Make winners. But there are still quite a few people missing to complete the list of the last 20 Formula 1 winners. Can you put them all together? Take the test with our photo series here – and you’ll be amazed at the names included!

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