Documentary tips for the day: "Re: Doctor Olga in the Taiga" and "MDR at 4"

Today’s best documentaries: “Pumas – Wild in the US West” with Alida Assmann and Alexander Goland

What exciting documentaries are being shown on TV today? Find out through our documentary recommendations for Thursday today. Watch documentaries with Aleida Assmann and have a relaxing time.

Today Thursday, you are looking for chat Free TV? Big names like Aleida Assmann are waiting for you on TV from 5:50pm. Make yourself comfortable and see. These are the documentary tips for today.

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Report Series: “Pumas – Wild in the western USA” (5:50 PM on Arte)

The documentary takes you to the Montana wilderness, where a female cougar attempts to raise her offspring, braving cold winters and the harsh weather conditions of the Rocky Mountains. Nature in the Northern Rockies has changed drastically over time. Today, wilderness and civilization coexist here. An inhabitant of this new world is a shy cougar mother who has to raise her three cubs.

This series of reports Good heart It takes 45 minutes.

Reportage: “Re: Putin long shadow” (7:40pm on Arte)

Dragana Rakic ​​wants to enter the Serbian parliament for the opposition Democratic Party in the April 3 elections. She is tired of the climate of fear in her country. As a local politician, she and other colleagues were regularly insulted by members of the ruling national populist SNS. Other opposition politicians were physically threatened and intimidated.

Reportage on Aarti lasts 35 minutes.

Documentation: “A vague feeling – how smart is our inner voice?” (8:15 pm on 3sat)

Our lives are constantly progressing with decisions. We often rely on our gut feeling. What controls our intuition – and should we always trust it? Our “inner voice” is often true. Then we are proud when we intuitively make the right choice. On the other hand, wrong decisions can be painful and costly. What other resources do we have to make reasonable decisions? We often think that we are completely free from influences when we decide “intuitively”.

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These documents on 3 saturday It takes 45 minutes.

Documentation: “The Old New Right” with Alida Asman and Alexander Goland (10:55 pm from 3 Sat)

Those who take a clear stand on the right today question the values ​​of an open and liberal society.

This documentary by Falco Kurth with Alida Asman as Self, Alexander Goland as Self, Björn Hockey as Self, Gotze Kubitschek as Self, Annika Kip as Self Narrator and Jean-Marie Le Pen as Self promises 45 minutes of entertainment .

If you are looking for exciting movies, series or other sports programs in TV show, you will find them in our section the news Many TV recommendations.

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