Horror Movies To Watch Anytime of the Year

Horror Movies To Watch Anytime of the Year

The top horror films of all time are a lot more diverse than non-genre aficionados may think. The most terrifying movies aren’t only about gore and blood. It might assist on occasion, but the finest horror movies transport us on harrowing adventures. They address social concerns, delve far into our collective consciousness, and instill fear in us over seemingly benign things. One minute you’re on National Casino, the next minute you’re jumping off your couch. Don’t wait for the spooky season—watch these flicks now. 

1. Carrie

Carrie, a horror film set in Los Angeles, is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. The thriller chronicles the narrative of a high-school girl who has a gift that will later kill everyone around her. In the 1976 film, a gang of high school students plays a joke on Carrie by spilling a bucket of pig blood all over her, causing her to erupt in wrath. This terrifying yet memorable sight occurred at Farmer John in Vernon, California.

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm Street, the horror film that gave many night terrors in the 1980s and once again in 2010, is one of the finest Halloween films to watch at home. The disturbing thriller follows many teenagers as they are haunted in their nightmares by a burning serial killer. Many of the motifs used in low-budget horror movies of the 1970s and 1980s that started with John Carpenter’s Halloween are used in the picture.

3. Halloween

Speaking of the devil, Michael Myers is the well-known protagonist of the Halloween film franchise. The first film in the legendary franchise was produced in 1978, showing Myers’ first murder as a youngster. He is then taken to a mental institution, where he spends the next 15 years of his life until getting away on Halloween night. 

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3. Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever, a 2002 horror film, follows a group of friends who rent a cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, before they can relax, an unknown sickness spreads across the group. The protagonist identifies the source of the illness: a hermit discovered in a cave. The Bronson Caves have been used in several TV series and films, making them one of the most well-known filming locations.

4. Poltergeist

The narrative of this supernatural horror thriller, authored by Steven Spielberg, preys on the dread of the unknown. One of the best Halloween movies to see is Poltergeist, which instills utter terror in everybody who watches it. The film recounts the daily activities in a house that has been overrun by evil forces. Tour the haunted Freeling House, which still stands tall, strong, and scary in the same spot, awaiting your visit.

5. The Purge

The Purge, a futuristic horror film, legalizes all crime and horrors during a 12-hour yearly holiday. One minute your neighbor may be your buddy, and the next he may be attempting to rob, kill, or rape you. This 2013 film depicts the violent and awful powers of humanity when given the ability to totally unleash them without regard to societal limitations or the repercussions. The Purge should surely be on your list of horror movies to see.

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