Sarah Engels: "I'm really looking forward to skiing"

Sarah Engels: “I’m really looking forward to skiing”

Sarah Engels is enjoying the winter and pre-Christmas period. Not just bake cookies in the program. The former “Holiday On Ice” star is still rocking.

singer f an actress Sarah Angels (30) “I’m really looking forward to winter.” The 30-year-old is still a fan of snowboarding and wants to do it again soon skates tie my shoes. In 2019, she won the SAT1 program “Dancing on Ice” with her professional partner, Jutti Polizawakis (27 years old). Then came Holiday on Ice: 2019/2020 proved it everything With her skating partner and Better Polizoakis friend with two of his own offers Ultimately, her skill and greatness passion For skating: “Awesome experience and Unique An experience that I will always carry in my heart,” she says of her show family.

Two years into the pandemic, the the new Show “Holiday on Ice”, “New Day” on the 19th. November in Grefrath, which then tours throughout Germany. to me Stimulate And theirs Inspiration look Angels Until the family drops by her program of “Vacation on Snowboard”. Shortly before the premiere, Sarah arrives Angels To North Rhine-Westphalia for rehearsals to greet the crew and give backstage, happiness I wish f the new Watch parts of the show. She had a lot “during the time with ‘Holiday on Ice’ and training at the time”. I learned – “If you fall, easy Get up again, go on and on better become,” she reveals in an interview.

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Do you feel the skating fever again when you visit the “New Day” show?

Sarah Engels: Snowboarding is the greatest thing for me. I always have the ‘Holiday On Ice’ family in my heart and I’m happy giant on it winter. Then we will definitely go skiing again. When I see everyone here like this, it is figure skater And artists, then the skating fever will certainly attract me. We are all really looking forward to it the new Offer “Holiday on Ice” “New Day” to see tour. There were a lot of goosebumps moments at rehearsals today for me and them the new The presentation is really impressive! “

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It’s been three years since I won “Dancing On Ice.” Are you still on the ice from time to time?

Sarah Engels: Of course, I love being on the ice. Since “Dancing On Ice” and the next round with “Holiday on Ice” I got sports really grew on me. But it is also a very difficult sport. If you are figure skaters Here everything looks so easy and so With peace of mind Outside. The feeling of standing on the ice has always been amazing to me. I haven’t had much time to do this lately, but I’m sure it will come back.

I recently turned 30.
Celebrate it. Notable anniversaries are often an occasion to take stock. Would you like to do something different?

Sarah Engels: I am now a mother of two and I am 30 years old. I am very happy with my life now and proud of all that I have achieved so far. I’ve had a lot over the past few years I learnedAnd some have evolved challenges Perfects. I also have a lot during the time with “Holiday on Ice” and training at the time I learned – If you fell easy Wake up again and go on better will.

What are your plans for the end of the year?

Sarah Engels: We’re definitely going to spend pre-Christmas with the kids a lot enjoyAnd the biscuit baked f Ski Go drive! There is nothing more beautiful in winterfrom standing on the ice. I’m really looking forward to it!

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