Floods: In southeastern Australia there is still land under recreation

Floods: In southeastern Australia there is still land under recreation

In Victoria, the north has been particularly affected, especially the area around Shepparton 180 kilometers north of Melbourne. In the photos from Shepparton, only road signs were sticking out of the water, and a man was kayaking along the road. Other footage showed rescuers wading through the water and carrying children from flooded areas. Residents and the military placed sandbags in an effort to stop the flooding.

Destructive natural events are increasing

According to the AAP, authorities had already warned Saturday that it was now too late for many residents in the state’s north to leave their homes. The media said the worst was not over yet. The Victorian premier said some families may not be able to return home for “an extended period of time”. Even if the flood waters receded, there would still be a lot left to make homes uninhabitable for a long time. Some suburbs of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, were also flooded.

A report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in February 2022 posits that Australia will experience devastating natural events more frequently in the future. Stronger heat, more dangerous fires, more droughts and floods, higher sea levels, and drier winters are expected.

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