The former prime minister collects up to 320 thousand euros per speech

The former prime minister collects up to 320 thousand euros per speech

Boris Johnson has been lecturing around the world since stepping down as British Prime Minister. It’s paying off: he’s received more than €1.16m in fees so far.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made big bucks as a public speaker since his resignation. Johnson has already collected more than £1m in fees since leaving office in September, according to the Register of MPs updated on Wednesday.

Known for his bombastic speeches, Johnson was paid between £215,000 and £277,000 per speech, according to a record of MPs’ financial concerns. In the past few months, Johnson has spoken to bankers and insurance companies in the United States and at a conference organized by the American television channel CNN.

Johnson resigned in July after a series of scandals after nearly three years in office. However, he remains a British Conservative MP in the London House of Commons.

After his successor, Liz Truss, resigned after only a few weeks in office, Johnson briefly attempted a spectacular political comeback in October. However, Conservative MPs endorsed former Finance Minister and current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak instead.

The hourly wage is 37,000 euros

A few months ago, news about Johnson’s speech fee hit the headlines: it became public that he had received the equivalent of about €315,000 for a speech he gave in the US in October.

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