Post-Pandemic: A Dream of the New Rising Twenties - Entertainment

Post-Pandemic: A Dream of the New Rising Twenties – Entertainment

Initially, the revival of theaters and clubs, for example, would “intensify the community’s experience and increase its value and importance.” “It is also exciting that the groups of people who participate in these events are likely to change compared to the pre-Corona period. Some will rediscover and rediscover their interests and needs for these aspects of their lives – others who have done so thus far have been very art – and who have been affectionate with the culture. They may withdraw. ” In any case, this would be beneficial for variety and creative direction.

However, Hansog stresses, it should not be forgotten that the number of mental and social disorders and illnesses has risen sharply in recent months and will continue to rise in the near future. “Some actors like participants will not be able to be active. This will restrict some things – but at the same time it holds potential for new paths or empty spaces in the art and cultural scene that new actors will occupy.”

American sociologist and physician Nicholas Christakis of Yale University also believes that after the Corona crisis there will be a “new version of the 1920s,” similar to the one that followed the Spanish flu 100 years ago. The scientist told Al-Alam: “Let us make it clear: Epidemics may be new to us. They are not for humanity.”

In addition to their biological path, epidemics also have a social path. “It only ends when everyone thinks it’s already over.” This has been the case with all major epidemics: Once the virus is frozen biologically, there is a psychological and economic cleanup.

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Management consultant Achim Berg of McKinsey recently said in a Spiegel interview that many will be compensated after the coronavirus restrictions. “Maybe an opportunity to repeat the roaring twenties of the last century this century.”

Sociologist Christakis also believes: In the wake of Corona, there will be a recovery as people spend the money they withheld. It will be a technical, economic, technological and political spring as well. Epidemics are “times of mourning” due to the dead, devastated livelihoods and social isolation. “A lot of people are becoming more religious. After the pandemic, it will all be reversed. Bars and nightclubs, eroticism and sexuality, all of these will become very important.” However, it will likely take until the beginning of 2024 to return to normal.

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