Technically Innovative - Software Tech Oscar from a Salzburg native

Technically Innovative – Software Tech Oscar from a Salzburg native

According to a report by ORF Salzburg, this process has already been seen in blockbuster films such as “Jungle Book”, “Avengers” or “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The Academy of Film Arts and Sciences is awarding the Technology Academy Award, which is not related to a small Oscar statue, roughly this year because of Corona.

Not only is the Academy Christoph Springer “Artistic Achievement” awarded, but it also honors two of his colleagues. For the new edition of “Jungle Book” in 2016, they wrote a new program to mimic several of Balu’s fur whiskers and Baghira & Co: “We had to do King Louie’s hair – and the old hair system was simply not appropriate for,” Springer said in ORF cited.

“It took a lot of detail in poetry. So we just wrote a new system that can simulate more hair. Normally, we simulate only a small portion of hair. With our system, this is the case where we can do almost everything that can simulate poetry,” he explained Citizen of Salzburg.

Christoph Springer was born and raised in Salzburg. According to the ORF report, he has lived and worked in Wellington, New Zealand for twelve years – at Weta Digital, one of the world’s largest animation technology professionals, known, for example, for influences in films such as “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” Springer came to New Zealand for the movie “Avatar” where he simulated water. But he said the company wouldn’t let him go after that. Its software can also calculate fires or building collapses and project them onto the screen realistically. He is currently working on a realistic muscle simulation to continue the Avatar.

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