Panama gives nature its rights under the law

Panama gives nature its rights under the law

The nature of Panama now has rights of its own.Photo: iStockphoto/Dr. Jürgen Tinkhoff

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Panama gives nature its rights under the law

Panama President Laurentino Cortizo signed a law giving nature its own rights: From now on, nature has the right to exist and continue, and the right to take back in the event of human harm. Similar laws already exist in other countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, and New Zealand.

If nature has its own rights, you can also sue it. This makes it easier to bring environmental pollution cases to the courts, for example. Therefore, the law is a new legal basis for environmental and climate protection.

Panama still produces a significant portion of its energy from fossil fuels, especially oil. By 2030, 15 percent of energy must be generated sustainably. Environmental activists welcome the new law – it may lead Panama’s energy policy toward sustainable production in the future.

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The Moors as a beacon of hope: why protecting the swamps also means protecting the climate

In mid-July, the Moors Conference took place in Bremen, where the Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Ozdemir (Greens), among others, discussed the future of the Moors with farmers from Lower Saxony. then: In the coming years, billions of Euros will be invested in protecting peatlands and thus also in protecting the climate.

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