Australia's premiere event for Aboriginal arts and culture is back

Australia’s premiere event for Aboriginal arts and culture is back

In July 2022, three years later, the Cairns Native Art Gallery will be held again as a physical attendance event – over 450 artists from two different indigenous cultures will attend – presenting the Art Awards – a major fashion show for Aboriginal designers

From July 6-10, visitors to Australia can experience two different Aboriginal cultures in one place – at the Cairns Indigenous Art Gallery (CIAF). Here more than 450 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents will present their work.

Australia’s premier Aboriginal arts and culture event is being held as a physical presence fair for the first time in three years. This year’s theme is Country Masters – an artistic tribute to Queensland’s ‘firsts’ knowledge and creativity in relation to native plants and trees.

CIAF’s primary focus is to showcase talented Aboriginal artists from mainland Queensland and Torres Strait Island to a wider audience. They include painters, sculptors, potters, weavers, and graphic artists. CIAF supports traditional and contemporary styles of art and cultural expression.

Presentation of the “CIAF Technical Awards” is an important part of the festival. In addition to music, dance, and theater performances, many art workshops provide entertainment. Fashion Performance has also been established for years. Here, the original designers display their latest and most beautiful creations at several fashion shows.

The CIAF is being held for the first time at the completely renovated Cairns Convention Center. Submission is free. The ticket is only required for a few events. In the past few years, the event has attracted more than 50,000 visitors.

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Since 2009, CIAF has sponsored a vibrant Aboriginal art movement that hails exclusively from tropical North Queensland. The Aboriginal people of the Torres Strait Islands differ from the Aboriginal people of the mainland in political, cultural and historical respects. Geographical proximity brings more resemblance to the people of New Guinea. The daily life of the islanders is characterized by a very traditional way of life. The main source of income is fishing.

More details about the Cairns Original Art Gallery below

Photos: BlueClick Photography / Tropical North Queensland / Kerry Trapnell Photography
Source: GlobalSpot

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