Today on TV: This movie directed by "Thor 4" is shockingly unknown, but it's absolutely gorgeous!  Cinema news

Today on TV: This movie directed by “Thor 4” is shockingly unknown, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! Cinema news

“Jurassic Park” legend Sam Neill and “Deadpool 2” rascal Julian Dennison on camera, Taika Waititi in the director’s chair: “Where the wild people hunt” should be better known than it is. Today you can catch him on TV!

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As unfortunate as it is, Understandably, Where the Wild Men Hunt wasn’t an instant hit: a twisted adventure comedy starring Sam Neill and a newcomer, directed by the critically acclaimed but largely overlooked vampire “5 Zimmer Küche Sarg” German public? It’s not exactly a hit constellation. The fact that “the place where wild people hunt” still did not enjoy any noteworthy rediscovery noise is not only unfortunate, but also perplexing..

Finally, writer/director Taika Waititi rose to prominence as a director thanks to Thor: Day of Decisions, Thor: Love And Thunder, and its Academy Award-winning director Jojo Rabbit. Moreover, the young star of “Jurassic Park” legend Sam Neill is no longer a stranger, after all, Julian Dennison played a central role in “Deadpool 2”. But perhaps the same is true again: Good things take time. Today, everyone who is curious has a chance to catch this gem of “Where to Hunt the Wild” for free on TV – starting at 8.15pm on Servus TV.

If you missed the broadcast, you can also watch “Where the Wild Men Hunt” at, for example. Rent or buy Amazon Prime Video as a stream.

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‘Where Wild People Hunt’: An absurdly touching story of loss

Baby Ricky (Julian Dennison) has already been placed with several foster families. But it wasn’t until Ricky moved in with angry Bella (Rima Te and Yata) (Sam Neill) and their dog Tupac that he didn’t feel comfortable until he moved in. When this family of all people is struck by the blow of fate, the authorities want to put Ricky. Hec and Ricky don’t see it – and they escape into the New Zealand wilderness. A messy act has consequences…

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Stories of oppression and/or infatuation gradually became Waititi’s hobby. One of the themes in Thor: Day of Decision is that Asgard has hidden its sins as a colonial power for centuries. In “Jojo Rabbit” we follow a German kid who absorbs all of Nazi propaganda like a sponge in the Third Reich and must first develop an eye for reality. And in Thor: Love And Thunder, Chris Hemsworth aka Thor and Natalie Portman, alias Jane Porter, suppress the urgent background of their constitutions.

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In all of these films, Waititi emphasizes the narrow perspective of his main characters by criticizing with awkward humor. It relies on an eccentric visual language. Slogan: A lot of noise, smoke and mirrors to cover up what was forbidden to pave the way for the explosion. The tricks Waititi used in Where the Wild Men Hunt. And in a wonderful way as it is honest.

The strange heroes in this comedy adventure don’t just escape a narrow-minded youth welfare office. But also before the consequences of their actions, their responsibility, and all the trouble it would take to arrange their complicated situation in real everyday life. Meanwhile, they glorify life in the wild in a fun adventure, which in its weirdness is reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s tragic scout comedy “Moonrise Kingdom”, and ultimately turns almost into FSK 12 “Mad Max” in New Zealand green.

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But unlike his Thor films, Waititi doesn’t have a huge Marvel budget to work on an escape layer around the emotional core of the story. Nor does he hit the same drum he abused loudly, screaming, and tasting during the lighter “Jojo Rabbit” segments. Instead, he advances more methodically and precisely in Where the Wild Men Hunt. The characters’ emotional journey during the literal journey is conveyed primarily through subtle detailing in the acting, targeted cuts, and quirky, lovable dialogues.. So the chasm between the two is not as wide in Where the Wild Men Hunt as it is in Thor: Love And Thunder, let alone Jojo Rabbit.

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But it’s very understandable how and why Ricky and Heck act the way they do. Heroes do not grow up on us despite their stupid decisions, but because of their stupid decisions You can actually encourage them when they dare to do something you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) do on your own. And it hurts every time the duo collide once again with the complex gray-gray reality. Still, where The Wild Men Hunt is awesome. Because Neill, Dennison, and Waititi easily manage to go from cute scars that stay with the characters to sweet, healing pain. Not bad for a movie about an unequal foster family wandering aimlessly through the green!

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