By train via New Zealand - Arte

By train via New Zealand – Arte

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Traveling to New Zealand by train

The North Island is New Zealand’s volcanic heart with its gushing geysers, steamy lakes, and energetic fire mountains. The Northern Explorer is the only train that travels through this wilderness. Connecting Auckland to the capital Wellington – past volcanoes and primeval forests. To the north of Auckland lies Little Barrier Island, a volcanic island that was as authentic as New Zealand before human settlement. Endangered Species Ambassador Nicola Tukey looks here for Wetabonga, the world’s largest grasshopper. It is believed that only a few dozen remain in the wild. The world of fruit growers stretches along the northern coast. Te Puke is the kiwi fruit capital of the world – and Jeff Oliver is one of New Zealand’s premier kiwi growers. Delivers damaged fruit to neighboring cattle farms – as sustainable desserts for cows. The train stops in Otorohanga before the hissing of Mount Ruapehu, the largest volcano in Tongariro National Park. The small town leads to Waitomo Caves, glowing caves where glowworms stretch their breeding grounds with sticky threads. The center of the island is the heart of the Maori. Geothermal steam springs here. Soltice Morrison conducts research on 3,800 lakes in the country, which are increasingly polluted with chemicals and fertilizers. It represents a new generation of Maori and combines a cultural affinity with nature and its scientific research. The train is also a symbol of progress and a change of direction as the country prepares for major future issues.

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