Entkriminalisierung von Homosexualität

New Zealand Post celebrates 35 years of decriminalizing homosexuality

Summer marks the 35th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in New Zealand. This is recognized by the New Zealand Post with a special seal.

The decision was made on July 9, 1986 thanks to the Labor majority in Parliament, but narrowly: with 49 votes to 44 against. The first attempt to decriminalize homosexuality failed in 1974.

Now a NZ$1.40 (about 83 euro cent) special stamp has been developed with Wellington Pride and other queer groups. The stamp on the Progress Pride flag design by Danielle Palace is present New Zealand Post Online Store Available.

“This stamp means a lot to us,” said Lynette Townsend, who is responsible for special stamps at New Zealand Post. The stamp program should reflect the different groups and cultures in New Zealand society. The Post is sponsoring this year’s Pride events. New Zealand’s biggest pride festival is currently being held in Auckland. Max Tweedy, Director of Auckland Pride, shared his delight with the special on Twitter.

Last year, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appointed Gay Grant Robertson as Deputy Prime Minister (TEAM reported). After the elections in October 2020, New Zealand overtook the United Kingdom as the largest parliament with 13 open representatives from the LGBTIQ.

There will be no ban on conversion therapies in New Zealand at this time. The government postponed such plans. One refers to freedom of religion (TEAM reported).

By the way, there are already a few LGBTIQ collective brands: The Royal Mail and Britain’s Bravado released a special series of brands in 2020 in honor of Queens Rock icons (TEAM reported).

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