Lord of the Rings filming locations in New Zealand

It has now been 20 years (in words: twenty!) years since the first part of »Lord of the rings«A trilogy flashed across the screens of this world for the first time. The Secret Protagonist of the Fantasy Saga: New Zealand Location. Reason enough to take another look at Kiwi Island today. Because the great natural sites still exist today, of course. And some set scenes not only make the nerd’s hearts beat faster. We know a number of over 150 Lord of the Rings filming locations across the country that still require a grueling journey through the Dead Marshes today. Text: Konrad Bender

Fiordland: Fangorn Forest

Fortunately, this forest remains in place, namely at the southern tip of New Zealand: The Fiordland National Park Covering 1.2 million hectares (about 1.7 million football fields) of landscapes of mountains, lakes, fjords and rainforests – and above all someone must prove that there are not a few Ents hiding there. as well as Ent-women. Fiordland National Park was the right place for Fangorn Forestin which hobbits Merry and Pepin are attracted to the relatively leisurely Intes and their democratic-like way of making decisions, due to the circumstances of Middle-earth.

the great south

The national park itself presents as diverse as it was designed Activities ListIt can be done there. Whether you’re exploring the park in a kayak, learning about an exotic underwater world or navigating the air in a helicopter – you’ll never get bored here.

Ruapehu: Mordor and Mount Dom

The mountain of destiny It is perhaps the most important place in the entire trilogy and also frequently appears prominently in the image. Of course it was not created on the computer, but was “run” by Mount Ngauruhoe In the Tongariro National Park. The volcano is still active in its spare time, but not as massively as it appears on screen. Therefore, it is also possible to climb the mountain on your own. Sturdy shoes or hobbit feet made of very leather are recommended.

Sunrise over Mount Ngauruhoe in Tongariro National Park

Matthew Buchanan

But not just around Mount Ngauruhoe, the rest of the national park is also filmed for the trilogy – the scenes in Mordor. With its rugged terrain, the rugged mountains were perfect for this. The Rangibo desert, which surrounds the mountain range, is often seen in films as the backdrop to the various walks of the Orc. If you are a nature lover and not afraid of the occasional arid landscape and an uruk shark or two, then an adventurous holiday trip to this national park is just the thing for you.

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Canterbury: Edoras

this is Canterbury Actually not in Kent, but in New Zealand, more precisely about the place Christchurch. For fans of Lord of the Rings, Mount Sunday in Ashburton to be interesting. Built upon it is the Rohan Knights’ Film Capital, towering majestically above the surrounding area. There’s nothing left of the film’s set, but the climb is definitely worth it because of the stunning landscape. And with a little imagination and mental cinematography, you can still certainly imagine the barricades and wooden mansion of Rohirrim.

Landscape picture of Sunday Mountain in New Zealand, one of the filming locations for Lord of the Rings

New Zealand Tourism

Nelson Tasman: Demirel Dale and Morey

One would like to get the impression that New Zealand consists only of mountains. at Nelson Tasman District About they were there Kahurangi National Park Among other things, she depicted the scenes surrounding the transit of the Moria mines. The Mount Olympus and the Lake Boulder It is seen as the companions’ discovery of the ravens sent by Saruman, and mount owen It is that mountain in whose shade the Companions rest after their escape from Moria and mourn the loss of Gandalf. In Middle-earth, this is the site of Demirel Dale, or Schattenbachtal in German. The area can be explored either on foot or by helicopter. You definitely have the best overview out there.

Mount Owen is one of the filming locations for Lord of the Rings

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Wellington: Anduin and the Path of the Dead

An unforgettable sight when Arwen and Frodo escape from Nazgl and Elf lets the pursuers rip away from the absolute river Anduin. In real life he listens to the name Hut River. The river separates the Moonshine and Totara parks and runs much quieter “actually” than what appears on screen. Also an interesting corner of the area: Mount Victoria. The scene in which one half has to hide from the Black Riders was filmed for the first time after they left at the wooded foot of the mountain. For a meditative excursion, we would definitely recommend a slightly more pleasant atmosphere.

at Wellington itself, or rather in the suburbs MiramarFans of special effects and costumes will get their money. there is the Weta WorkshopMany effects, shields, weapons, and other props have been made. The workshop can be visited as part of a tour. Another Lord of the Rings filming location is hidden in the area around Wellington. In the Putangirua Pinnacles Namely, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli sought out the army of the dead to remind them of the oath of Isildur’s heir.

Travelers in Putangirua Pinnacles, New Zealand


Waikato: Hobbiton

Everyone was just waiting for this point: Of course, calm is allowed hobbiton Don’t miss this list. Perhaps no one will be amazed or enchanted at first sight by the round wooden doors in front of the elegantly curved living caves of the comfortable hobbits. The background for that was the farmland around the city Matmata in the Waikato region. This area of ​​the Shire can still be explored on a guided walk today, as the Hobbiton was reconstructed to depict the Hobbit Trilogy, having vanished from the face of the earth for a while, and then simply left where it was. That’s why we grandparents can get some weird looks at 44 fully developed hobbit holes today. Big movie theater!

Small red doorways in Hobbiton, New Zealand


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