Photo exhibition in Gutersloh showing the beginning of the year in Iceland

Photo exhibition in Gutersloh showing the beginning of the year in Iceland

Gütersloh (gl) – Iceland in summer and winter: There should be pictures of this Friday, March 25, at the multi-section display of the same name at City Hall. The event starts at 7:30 pm.

Pinned lecture to be completed with more pictures

Organizer Reinhard Panteke wrote in the ad that the well-established lecture has been partially recreated in the past two years. Backpacker is back on his bike in Iceland in 2020 and 2021 — and with his camera.

The result is images and movies of steaming hot springs, mud springs, exotic icebergs and caves, views of a wild fjord with huge bird colonies, desolate highland deserts, and exhilarating Icelandic horses.

experienced a volcanic eruption on the peninsula

The fire of Icelandic nature’s color, which stands out in short arctic summers in constant daylight, is one aspect of the country that Reinhard Banteke experienced by bike and hiking.

The lively capital of Reykjavik, various national parks, photos of Lanndmannalaugar, remote Westfjords and even a volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula complete the digital slideshow as well as tips and background information.

From Reinhard Banteke and his travels

According to the announcement, Reinhard Banteke, born in 1967, set the task of exploring his travel destinations exclusively with a bicycle and backpack. He made tours in Norway – 17 (!) in total -, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, England, New Zealand, in the southern seas as well as across Canada and Alaska.

He not only showed the results on photos and films, but also presented the results in newspapers, magazines, regional and national calendars, and exhibitions.

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Tickets are available here

Entry costs 13 euros in advance (concessions 11 euros), at the box office 14 euros (12 euros). 2G ID is required for access. Tickets are available online.


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