Is this the new man besides Michel Hunziker?

Is this the new man besides Michel Hunziker?

All about the body: the angioline working model

He also gained notoriety in his homeland through his appearances on television. He was a guest on the Italian health program “Buonasera Dottore” and talked about tips and tricks for a healthy body. In 2015, he also participated in the 14th season of the Italian version of “Big Brother”.

Angiolini is also active as an author. In his book, Think About It, it’s all about looking perfect: “My Way to Wellness. The Four Pillars of a Healthy, Harmonious, Pain-Free Body.”

Now the rumors about Hunziker and Angiolini are getting new fodder. They are said to have spent a “secret honeymoon” in Paris, according to the Italian magazine “Chi”. The newspaper used a whole series of photos as evidence of the romantic weekend. Arm in arm, kissing and obviously familiar, they enjoyed their co-op together in the city of love.

However, the 45-year-old and the slightly younger Italian were not seen together for the first time. Photos of the alleged couple were already circulated in March of this year. At that time, Hunziker and Angiolini were seen together in Sardinia.

But even if the tortoise seemed to last a long time: Michele Hunziker did not confirm the status of her alleged new relationship – even if she was well aware of all the rumors. In an interview with t-online, when asked about all the speculation, she said, “It’s part of the game.”

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