Antarctica - 3sat - TV show

Antarctica – 3sat – TV show

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The film begins a journey back in time into the breathtaking history of Antarctica, about which plant and animal researchers know little. The road to Iceland leads from subtropical islands on the fringes of Antarctica to floating icebergs in the heart of Ross Sea Bay. The Ross Sea is one of the last regions where the magic of the icy continent can still be experienced. The film approaches this unique region across the Antarctic Islands south of New Zealand. Here life thrives, here green and snow-free. This is what Antarctica would have looked like before the continent separated from the supercontinent Gondwana 180 million years ago and drifted toward the South Pole. Metamorphosis is part of its nature, and its biodiversity has survived to this day. From elephant seals weighing several tons as they dive for food in the unknown stretches of the deep sea on Macquarie Island to the largest colonies of the Adelie penguin at Cape Adare – nature’s extreme forces and low temperatures are just hostile to humans, its wildlife has smartly changed. High quality drone photos show the unique beauty of Antarctica’s wild flora and fauna. However, the consequences of climate change are slowly becoming apparent on the Ross Sea: Warm temperatures are making the air sparkle, and a white veil of clouds moves across the country. The natural structure has gone off track. What are the consequences of this transformation for humanity?

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