Giovanni Zarella |  Singer and Director Think My Package: "Everything Was Taken From Me"

Giovanni Zarella | Singer and Director Think My Package: “Everything Was Taken From Me”

t-online: Mr. Zarella, what were your expectations when you went to the cast of “Popstars”?

Giovanni Zarella: I wasn’t even expecting to get into a band that I had the privilege of experiencing so many amazing things with.

Shouldn’t you enter into such a competition in good faith?

I just participated at the time because I was hungry and took every opportunity. Three weeks before being selected for the “Popstars” team, I took part in a talent competition near Stuttgart and only took second place.

Has the winner of the competition become a thing?

No, so I was lucky (Laugh).

At the time, I had completed quite normal apprenticeship training as an IT system employee.

… and it worked for my dad! I used the money I earned to record over 100 songs with a producer from Stuttgart. I felt like I had to do something. I thought I should move something so that nothing could move at all.

But not much has changed until “Popstars”, right?

No, but still: all the experience I had from performing at weddings, village festivals, and birthdays helped me become “Popstars”. Detlef D. Soost once told me he didn’t notice me until I was in the top ten.

So how did you get this far in the first place?

Why did he finally notice you?

I forgot the choreography once.

So also because of an error. amazing!

Giovanni Zarella (left) with his band Bro’Sis in 2002: The group broke up in 2006. (Source: Becker & Bredel / imago-images-pictures)

At the time, casting shows were new. When you finally got into the band, what were your expectations? Do you think the band will last forever?

I wish Bro’Sis would be together forever, yeah. Bouncing back after fright and making it into the band after the stress of the show was an incredibly positive experience. Then the first album and the first single reached number one on the charts and within a year and a half we won all the awards we were supposed to win. So of course I thought: If things continue like this, I’ll be there.

How did you feel when you couldn’t go on?

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