Gulkan Camps jokes about her weight loss

Gulkan Camps jokes about her weight loss

Gulkan’s joke “The Ten Points Plan”

Then I wrote her ten points. These include lack of sleep, carrying a baby weighing about ten kilograms, disorganization of meal times, “unusual contortions” to entertain offspring, breastfeeding, etc. She finished jokingly, “Follow my ten-point plan and you’ll be guaranteed to lose weight!”

In the comments, medium Alexandra Bechtel explains: “You look great.” Another user with a laughing emoji wrote: “Ten kilos! My rat is pretty much the same age and weighs less than seven kilos – which is why I’m probably gaining weight instead of losing weight.” This post can also be read: “Well, I have five kids, a house, a garden, a dog and I’m not losing a gram. So something is wrong.”

Gülcan Camps announced her pregnancy in June 2021, and in mid-December announced that her offspring had seen the light of day. The Lübeck native, who became a TV star in the early 2000s through the music channel Viva, is married to Sebastian Camps. The two tied the knot in front of the cameras and an audience of millions in 2007.

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