Documentary tips for the day: "Re: Doctor Olga in the Taiga" and "MDR at 4"

Documentary tip for the day: Watch “Serengeti”

Looking for documentary advice for Sunday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Today’s Documentary Series: Here you will find the show that makes TV worth watching today. his job!

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With the weekend documentary tip from you are well informed today. We’ve found another exciting documentary for you from the TV show, so you can watch only the best on Sunday. Here is our documentary recommendation:

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Documentary series: “Serengeti” (8:15 pm on 3sat)

How does a lioness feel when she has to take care of her young on her own? How does a baboon cope with the loss of a loved one? For the first time, the animals of Africa tell their story. Their mouthpiece is an eagle that surrounds the grassy plains of the Serengeti, listening to the adventures and mysteries of its inhabitants. Animals are the protagonists in a drama that also has all the elements of an amazing wildlife documentary. The first part of the series begins after heavy rains in the Serengeti region.

This documentary series 3 saturday It takes 45 minutes.

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