Documentary tips for the day: "Re: Doctor Olga in the Taiga" and "MDR at 4"

Documentary tips for the day: “Dog and Man” and “Mysteries of Antiquity – When Troy burned”

Looking for doc tips for Saturday today? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Here you will find an overview of really interesting TV shows. his job!

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Today, on Saturday, you were looking for a chat Free TV? From 4:00 pm you can expect the most beautiful documentaries on TV. Relax and Enjoy These are the must-watch documentaries of the day that you won’t want to miss.

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Documents: “Hund und Mensch” (4 p.m. on ARD)

Whether it is a hound, a sleigh or a herding dog, whether in the desert, in the forest or in the snow – dogs follow people in every corner of the world. Two beings that couldn’t be more different made a passionate pact thousands of years ago that remains unbroken even today. Today, the Earth is inhabited by more than 500 million dogs. But what do people really know about their best friend, the dog? Only recently have scientists begun to track the true intelligence and emotional connection of our dogs.

These documents on ARD It takes 30 minutes.

Documentary: “Mysteries of Antiquity – When Troy Burned” (8:15 PM ART)

3000 years ago, Egypt narrowly escaped a catastrophe of invasion – during the reign of Ramses III. What happened? Leading experts are searching for clues to the causes of the mysterious collapse of many Mediterranean civilizations at the end of the Bronze Age. The peoples of these cultures did what people still do today: they migrated to countries where they hoped to create better living conditions: Egypt. Data collected by climate researchers show a huge development.

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These documents on Kindly It takes 50 minutes.

Documentary: “The Wind” (10:55 PM ART)

Wind is the engine of our weather. In our latitudes, it causes a change between areas of high and low pressure. It brings us sunshine as well as rain. In the winter months, it regularly explodes and turns into powerful storms. But climate change is causing current wind conditions to change around the world — with dire consequences. Atlantic hurricanes, which accumulate over the tropics and regularly destroy entire areas on the eastern coast of the United States, are getting stronger and bringing with them more and more rain.

This Arte documentary lasts 50 minutes.

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