XV from France.  Meafou to choose through case law?  He didn’t expect anything anymore…

XV from France. Meafou to choose through case law? He didn’t expect anything anymore…

Toulouse’s second-line, Emmanuel Mevaux, had it clearly in his mind that he would not join France’s XV until November 2023. (© Icon Sports)

It all started fromTweet Saturday, February 11, 2023. By highlighting a jurisprudence About New Zealander Folau Fakatawa, TV series by ChoiceEmmanuel Mevo with the XV from France revived. Except that things are not so simple and, at the moment, nothing has been done in this direction by the French Rugby Federation (FFR) with World Rugby.

5 years of consecutive residence

The giant (2.03m; 145kg) from Toulouse, who has Australian citizenship, would like to one day wear the blues jersey, which has not been previously selected with his country of origin. In search of a French passport that he has not yet received, Meafou can count on the rule of 3 consecutive years of residence in the respective country in order to be eligible.

Except that at the start of 2022, World Rugby has tightened the tone regarding this Rule 8.1 in order to defend the colors of another country. From now on, it is necessary to reside for 5 consecutive years. Arriving at the end of November 2018 in France, Meafou must wait until the end of November 2023 to be selectable. The second line, author of recent XXL performances, will not be able to compete in the 2023 World Cup with the XV from France.

The jurisprudence of the fatwas

But here comes this Falkatawa jurisprudence. A native of Tonga, he decided to select the All Blacks. With the old rule, he was eligible for New Zealand selection since the end of 2020. He was called up, however, and had to surrender due to injury.

The All Blacks have decided to call up half of their scrum program for the summer tour of 2022. But with the new regulations, he is no longer eligible, and has yet to have a 5-year residency. The New Zealand Federation brought the dossier to World Rugby, the supreme body. who decreed that “a player who was eligible cannot lose his eligibility due to a change in the regulations”.

This is how Folau Fakatawa got to know his first two selections with the All Blacks.

With no 5 years of residency on French soil, Emmanuel Mevu should not be able to compete in the 2023 World Cup with the Blues.
Author of XXL shows, Emmanuelle Mevaux stars in Toulouse. Fiqh al-Fakatawi does not necessarily depend on it. (© Icon Sports)

Meafou’s emotional lift

A breach that the FFR can rush into on the Emmanuel Meafou case? On the part of Stade Toulousin, we doubt it very much. In addition, an internal source indicated that he had not been informed of any steps by the federation in this direction, and the federation is obliged to notify the club if this is the case.

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Moreover, Emmanuel Miafo, who has chained up several “emotional lifts” lately, seems to have made up his mind. For him, in his head, it will be France’s 15th only from November 2023. Not before. And besides Stade Toulousin, we would like the player to be left alone on this subject…

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