Hurricane Gabriel: The New Zealand equestrian world is on the move

Hurricane Gabriel: The New Zealand equestrian world is on the move

A week after Hurricane Gabriel battered the northeastern coast of New Zealand, the toll was heavy. For the equestrian world, the New Zealand Federation is calling for donations.

Hurricane Gabriel, which hit northern New Zealand last week, claimed many lives. 11 deaths have been recorded and thousands of people are still wanted, at the moment, by the New Zealand authorities. This cost of repairs is estimated at Billions of dollars Equids in the area were also victims of this torrential rain and high winds of about 140 km/h. One image was particularly special on the web, where we see a horse sheltering from the water on the roof of a shed.

Reconstruction assistance

To help the animals on site, both from two to four legs, Equestrian Federation of New Zealand, Equestrian Sport New Zealand, is appealing for donations, as specified on their website Internet. She personally donated $5,000 and is committed to donating all funds to the disaster victims in the respective areas. To date, this initiative has raised a total of $56,241.50.

There is no doubt that financial aid is necessary to rebuild the structures of equestrian and the riding world. So, “ If you would like to help, provide horse nutrition and veterinary support, now you can states the union.

For more information on donations, click here.

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