How to use the eight dollar extension to see who is already verified on Twitter?

How to use the eight dollar extension to see who is already verified on Twitter?

Twitter now has two verification systems: Twitter Blue and officially approved accounts. But only one of them is for legitimate verified accounts. Twitter Blue followers have a blue check mark next to their account, but their identity is not necessarily verified. While the original brands have an extension Official site to help identify them.

To help with identification, a New Zealand developer created a browser extension called Eight Dollars to distinguish Twitter Blue users from legitimate verified accounts. Here’s how to use it to mark verified users.

What is an eight dollar stretch and why do you need it?

Twitter has undergone major changes since Elon Musk took over. On the other hand, an increasing number of users no longer know where to turn due to some problems affecting the social media platform. The most notable of these changes is that all accounts that pay for the newly introduced Twitter Blue monthly subscription will see a blue tick.

This new development classifies verified Twitter users into two groups. The first group are accounts that are officially verified as dignitaries or celebrities in government, news, entertainment, sports, or any other specific category. Accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue make up the second group.

In hopes of combating identity thieves, Twitter has introduced a way to find out if an account has been verified due to its inability to feature or to pay an $8 payout. You can open the account profile and click the check mark to see more details. It will indicate if the user is verified by Legacy (according to the old system) or verified via Twitter Blue.

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However, clicking on account profiles to confirm this spoils the smooth user experience that Twitter is known for. So, a Twitter user and developer created the extension called Eight Dollars to differentiate verified accounts from Twitter Blue users.

Eight bucks searches and replaces checkmarks on the Twitter network with an address indicator verification For official accounts or paid For Twitter Blue subscribers.

This allows you to easily identify the actually verified accounts without interrupting your user experience in any way. With that, Eight Dollars joins the list of useful Twitter extensions available on Google Chrome, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers.

First, open the Edge browser and type edge://extensions in the search bar. You can also click the ellipsis () in the upper left of the browser and select Accessories in the context menu that appears.

Access the Extensions submenu on Edge

Next, you need to enable developer mode on Edge before you can install the Eight Dollars extension. To activate it, you just need to toggle the button Developer mode on the left side of the Extensions menu.

Enable developer mode on Microsoft Edge

After enabling developer mode, you can download the Eight Dollars extension from GitHub. Once downloaded, you need to extract the ZIP file to a folder of your choice. Then come back to edge://extensionsclick load dumpAnd select the eight dollar folder on your computer.

Edge settings page to upload the package folder and select the downloaded folder.

By following these steps, the Eight Dollars extension should be successfully installed on your Edge browser. Installing this extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox involves pretty much the same steps.

To use the eight dollar extension, open the Accessories on Edge and check that the extension is enabled. This is also the case on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or other Chromium-based browsers.

Eight bucks makes it easier to see who is verified on twitter

If you want to easily see who is already verified on Twitter, you can easily download and activate the Eight Dollars extension. It has to be installed manually using the browser’s developer mode, but it’s worth the effort. But with the changes to Twitter verification, one wonders if it still really matters.

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