Xiaomi's Oled Transparent TV is visible in Paris

Xiaomi’s Oled Transparent TV is visible in Paris


Without being marketed in France, Xiaomi’s Oled transparent TV – Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition – has set a foot, and even two in Paris. It will be visible in Fnac des Ternes and also in the Xiaomi Sébastopol Store.

The transparent version of Mi TV LUX at the Xiaomi Sébastopol store located in Paris.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary with great fanfare, Xiaomi for its part marketed the first transparent Oled TV last year in China. Thus, the transparent version of the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX uses a Full HD Oled panel without a back panel in order to offer a transparency rate of about 38%. This is a transparent Oled panel produced by LG Display and sold by the professional advertising display division (55EW5TF-A). The board appears to be resting on the imposing circular base that houses all the connections as well as the 2 x 8 watt audio system. And despite that low power, the audio system still leaves us feeling good and looking better than most. Much more powerful systems have been announced. The panel is only 5mm thick and its transparent side gives the impression that the image is floating above the TV. For the rest, you still have to deal with Full HD definition – necessary to leave enough space between pixels to deliver a certain transparency – very low and interest in wide daylight which remains very limited.

In broad daylight, interest remains even more limited.

In broad daylight, interest remains even more limited.

This TV was sold for 50,000 yuan in China, or just over 6,100 euros, and is not marketed in France anyway, but the most curious will still be able to notice this originality at Fnac des Ternes (Paris, 17) in the Xiaomi space or Even in the Xiaomi Sébastopol store located at 39 boulevard de Sébastopol (Paris, 1er).

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