Someone cooled a computer using magnets instead of fans

Someone cooled a computer using magnets instead of fans

real creation The computer da games without a fan This is no small matter, as passive cooling often leads to higher temperatures that do not provide the same performance as active cooling. Not satisfied with this compromise between temperature and performance, in pursuit of building a silent setup, YouTuber DIY Perks They built their own thermal solution using A Magnet powered blower systemwhich cools the internal components.

as he explains PC gamesIt’s still an air-cooled gaming PC, but instead of using the tiny fan blades – which are still noisy – more air is pushed out thanks to a large acrylic panel. In the DIY Perks video he explains that the biggest challenge was Understand how to move the board, bearing in mind that the use of motors was out of the question due to the noise they produced. So a YouTuber chose to use some magnetsAnd water pumps and a good understanding of physics and engineering to move the board from side to side with enough force to cool everything.

Not only does it look like a work of art per se, but The temperatures are incredibly good. DIY perks didn’t show any standards in the game, butAMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 Cores settled at a reasonable temperature 60°C In Prime95 and ZOTAC RTX 3080 I arrived 62°C in FurMark. The rest of the system is supplemented by an Asrock ITX motherboard, 64 GB of RAM Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3600MHz and Alphacool waterblock for CPU and graphics card.

Credits: DIY Perks

The problem is that in addition to being a supercomputer, The internal components are fragile It breaks easily if not handled very carefully. A YouTuber tested it firsthand with the acrylic tube broken during initial assembly. As DIY Perks notes, this is the first version with ample room for improvement, starting with a better slot mechanism, which currently gets stuck when closed. It is wonderful to see such an extravagant construction come to life, it is a little hypnotic to look at, it looks like a pendulum moving inside the box.

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