Donkey Kong will return in style to the well-known leak man, who confirms many details -

Donkey Kong will return in style to the well-known leak man, who confirms many details –

All’E3 2021, nintendo He unveiled several new titles to the world and reassured players about game development such as the sequel to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. But something was missing and we’re not just talking about Bayonetta 3. In fact, famous leaker Zippo has reconfirmed some of his previous leaks, explaining that – even if they haven’t been shown – donkey kong Ready to switch back.

In fact, Zippo explains, through her blog, that a new Donkey Kong game exists Development For over three years now, and for that reason, he’s been surprised by the absence during E3 2021. It also states that several sources have confirmed that Donkey Kong is being taken very seriously within Nintendo, which wants to make it truly into a multimedia franchise after Mario.

Is Donkey Kong ready for a comeback?

In addition to the new Donkey Kong game – which according to Zippo’s words should be a high-level title and not a secondary project – there will also be scope for Animation Production. At the moment it is not clear if it is a movie or a series. There will also be a lot of new merchandise and even an expansion of theme parks. According to Zippo, however, it is only a matter of time and very soon Donkey Kong will be revealed.

As always, remember we’re talking about Rumor It is not official information. We’ll have to wait for Nintendo to release news about it. In the meantime, we point out that Nintendo rejects the accusation of using forced labor in the factories of its products.

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