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It seems that the problem between Play Station he is independent developers It may arise from the fact that Sony would have diverted most of its investment to blockbuster titles, removing money from teams that handled relationships with small studios, thus exacerbating support and creating ambivalent situations, such as higher sales on platforms by way of less centralized installation.

To say that, in the wake of what has emerged in recent days, starting with Ian Garner’s outburst, it was Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer, who tried to explain the origin of the matter.

According to the reporter, who already touched on this topic in April, Sony has been prioritizing blockbusters over sub-brands in recent years. From a financial point of view, the choice turned out to be successful, but relations with smaller companies inevitably cracked, reaching revolutions of the last days.

According to Matthew White of Whitethorn Games, a small publisher, sometimes Sony takes days to respond to simple requests, indicating that there are very few people left to deal with Indies. So the problem is not only the positioning in the PlayStation Store, which is essential anyway, but also the direct relationship with the platform holder, which has become difficult to manage, although Sony Get 30% royalty on every copy sold.

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