Kim Dotcom im Jahr 2015

X Movies and Three Movies are planning a TV series on Kim Dotcom

From hacker to eccentric Internet entrepreneur to defendant in a massive copyright lawsuit: Last year, Bayern2 told the story of Kim Schmitz – better known as Kim Dotcom – on his “Wild Wild Web” podcast over six episodes. Production companies XFilme Creative Pool and Dreifilm have now secured the rights to produce both the fictional television series and a documentary format based on it.

Jorgo Narjes, Producer at XFilme Creative Pool: “Kim Dotcom’s story is as unique as it is strange, from his beginnings as a hacker in Kiel to ‘The Internet’s Most Wanted Man’, as he traces the history of the Internet like a magnifying glass. We all know Kim Schmitz aka Kim Dotcom. , one of the most dazzling and mysterious characters of the ’90s and 2000s, and the stunning images of how he was arrested by the FBI in his New Zealand villa in 2012. But the full dimension of his story becomes clear to us only through a consciously podcast.”

Martin Kosuk, Managing Director and Producer Dreifilm: “It immediately dawned on us that ‘’s story’ was the perfect material for the series. When we found out that X Films were also trying to get the rights, the idea was quickly born ‘to do something together here.'” We have a very similar vision to Jorgo Narjes, which we are now developing further with a creator. We definitely want to have podcast journalists on board. And André Dér-Hörmeyer’s team has done extensive research, this is a gift to every writer’s room.”

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André Dér-Hörmeyer: “Even if I look up Kim Schmitz’s story correctly with the facts, it still looks like a thriller. When the podcast came out, we were still surprised by the overwhelming response. Today, after a short distance, we can say: That’s exactly how it is. , perhaps it’s no surprise after all, because Kim Schmitz’s story touches on many of the developments that continue to shape the world we live in. Above all, that’s one thing: a good, sometimes crazy, sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful story behind all the yachts and planes Private and party too: it matters. For us it is the logical consequence of exploiting the full narrative potential of this story in a fantasy series. X Films and three films have convinced us of their ideas and we are happy to collaborate.”

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