L'Italia torna a vincere: 5 gol alla Romania

Women’s World Cup Qualifiers, Romania, Italy 0-5: Girelli hat-trick

Romania-Italy 0-5

22′ Bonansea, 53′ and 61′ Girelli, 87′ Pirone, 90 + 4′ platform. baby walkers

Romania (4-2-3-1): paraluta; Cordoniano (68′ Hirschig), Opera, Vixay, Gerid; Burtan (83′ Marco), Fatavu; carp (83′ ambros), Siolaku, Milota; Ross (58′ Balaceanu). Available: Campin, Boanda, Tunuya, Tatar, Bhatia, Joder, Sandu, Pestrian. All.: Dolka

Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani. Sophia, Gamma (66′ Salvae), Linary, Poitien; Galliona, Giugliano (76′ Cenote), Simonetti, Bonanci (89′ Sertorini); Giacenti (66′ Peroni), Girelli. Available: Durant, Schröveniger, Bergames, Linzini, Merlot, Bandini, Bonfantini. Everyone.: Bertolini

Rule: Catarina Campos (Portugalo)

ammoniat: Simonetti (I), Corduneanu (R)

After the defeat against Switzerland, he wasItaly The women immediately return to winning the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. The blues were defeated by Melina Bertolini. 5-0 in RomaniaThis will close 2021 in the best possible way. Match always in control of the team, drawn by the pitcher Christiana. baby walkers, the author of a triple that allows her to reach 52 goals in the blue jersey.

Match story

Melina Bertolini is back! Tested 4-4-2 With Linari back in defense bonancy Return to the midfield. Only the Juventus player opens the match with a conclusion from the edge of the area that beat Parallotta. Italy holds the ball in the hand of the match e In the second half it spreads. The heroine is Christiana Girelli, who scored two goals in eight minutes: first a low shot with a pass from Bonanci, and then a header at the corner developments. In the last minutes, Valeria scored too BiruniWhile Girelli scored his third goal of the day in the 95th minute, converting a penalty kick.

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point on group

Victory in Romania allows Italy Practically lock second place (+6 on the Romanians four days ago) which will grant the right to participate in the qualifiers to reach the final stage of the World Cup. The first place in Group G held three points as Switzerland beat Lithuania 7-0. Blue will resume the qualification processApril 8, 2022 against Lithuania, a challenge four days before the decisive match at home Swiss. It will be necessary to win to beat the Swiss and snatch direct qualification for the 2023 World Cup to be held in Australia and New Zealand.

Bertolini: “The qualification debate is still open”

Lots of satisfaction at the end of the match for Technical Commissioner Melina Bertolini Who praised his daughters: “I congratulate them because they approached the race in the best way – he explains – It wasn’t easy to leaveHowever, despite the difficulties, they managed to prove their worth and enter the field in the right direction. What makes the difference, more than the look, is the spirit in which these challenges are met. Direct qualification letter is still open, We aim to win all the matches“.

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