Women's soccer: Michaela Moore's ordeal with three stars in 30 minutes during the United States

Women’s soccer: Michaela Moore’s ordeal with three stars in 30 minutes during the United States

Meikayla Moore played just 40 minutes of New Zealand’s game against the United States on Sunday in the SheBelieves Cup friendly. the reason? The New Zealander scored three goals in his own net in half an hour.

The Americans were already the candidates. But fate got involved. The United States faced New Zealand on Sunday in the Shepelevs Cup, a friendly competition that also brings together the Czech Republic and Iceland. And the case went in a very unexpected way.

In the break, the Americans led 3-0. Not too surprising given their preferred status. But the three goals were scored by the same player… from New Zealand. Yes yes, Michaela Moore scored a hat-trick of goals against his team! All in half an hour.

He scored two goals in quick succession in one minute for the Liverpool defender (5th and 6th): the first led by Sofia Smith, and the second after the work of Sofia Huerta and Margaret Pierce. Then Moore unfortunately did it again in the 36th minute, turning a cross from Pierce from the right into his own net.

Exit at 40

At this rate, there was reason to fear even worse. Hence the decision to release Michaela Moore in the fortieth minute. Without them, the New Zealanders conceded a fourth goal in the 51st minute: no gym this time around but an achievement from Ashley Hatch. Mallory Pugh finished the match with a goal in stoppage time to make the score 5-0. In their first match, New Zealand lost 1-0 to Iceland. The next and last meeting against the Czech Republic is on Thursday.

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